Your Questions About Solar Power System

Mandy asks…

what is the proper startup and maintenance of an agm battery when using a solar power system?

ssadmin answers:

AGM battery – sounds like you're serious. If you can't get an answer here, the NAWS forum has a bunch of people who know batteries very well. Try the “Off Grid Solar Electric Systems” area. Good luck!

Jenny asks…

anyone who uses a 24 hour home solar power system should please help.?

please i need the specifications for the products you use,how many you are using for each product( e.g no of inverters, batteries e.t.c) and for how long.

ssadmin answers:

There is no such thing as a “24 hour home solar power system” as there is nowhere that the sun shines 24 hours a day!

Perhaps you should clarify your question.


David asks…

If you leave your solar power system on 24/7, what type of power are you generating at night?

ssadmin answers:

Lunar power of course

Linda asks…

looking at building my own solar power system?

hi guys i am looking at putting solar on at my place seen some inverters that have battery chargers in them i am looking at a chinese model inverter LPC-P made by kema electronics with 24 volt system with ex telstra batteries if i just hoook everything up to the inverter (eg batteries generator solar)does it do the rest thanks michael

ssadmin answers:

In practice, it takes a lot of panels to replace the energy in batteries equivalent to what a house would draw in a day.

The vast majority of people that are connected to the grid stay connected to the grid when they get solar. They merely displace some of their power usage, instead of gonig stand-alone. Having batteries in a system means 50% more cost for the same size system, not to mention maintenance headaches.

If you want to see what we did:

And, a caution:

Sandra asks…

Solar Power System has never worked?

Purchased a System through Inspire Solar, got installed, Billed, and when I contacted Origin Solar Accounts I have been told our System has NEVER Generated any Power?, what do I do??????

ssadmin answers:

Check the orientation of your roof, anything but direct South reduces the amount of electricity produced appreciably. Could be you were'nt suitable in the first place.

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