Your Questions About Solar Power System

Sandy asks…

Is there any Solar Power System to supply power to residential houses in India?

We, the people of Chennai, are suffering lot for continuous power cut in our area from Tamilnadu Electricity Board. As a remedy I want to plan for some other choice. I am not talking about Solar Water Heater.

ssadmin answers:

I have recently purchased around a couple of months back a solar pack for my house, which covers all the electrical system except refrigerator, water pump, iron and washing machine. The maximum power which can be generated from the solar pack is around 400 kVa, which will be more than sufficient for your house.

The units require for installation are solar power pack a PCU (Su-Kam make) unit which will store all the solar energy and provide back-up for your electricity and batteries depending on your house requirement.

The unit has 33 % subsidy from Government and it might cost you in total up to 1 lac rupees. The PSU comes with a warranty of 5 years, solar pack with a 20 years and battery for 2 years.

I advise you research your local market if you really interested in buying it. You can download the source from your below link.

Charles asks…

good book or website on to completely set up a solar power system for a house or an RV or any solar system?

I just want to learn the basic steps to run my house or RV completely Solar panels. I know somewhat what I am doing but I would like to just know all the basic steps and tools I would need to set everything up.

ssadmin answers:


Mandy asks…

I have a mini solar power system setup. Do you think it will work out well?

I have a 18w sunsei solar panel with a charge controller. I also bought a 400w dc-ac inverter and a everstart deep cycle marine battery. Do you think that this panel will charge the battery and how much power will put out and for how much time. Any suggestions?

ssadmin answers:

Rig it up to a multi metre and see how fast it charges to full load.

Take note on this; assuming if u have a 1000 amp hour ……it is recomended to draw only 10% which is……… 100 amps, if its a 800 amp hour batt…..its 80 amps…..but don t exceed 10% as it shortens battery life
once drawn it has to be replaced asap.

You have not given your batt size….

John asks…

How can i get the best residential solar power system possible?

Are there any premade systems or would i have to buy the individual componants separate to get the best system?

ssadmin answers:

I recomend useing a Solar Panel – Hydrogen Fuel Cell hybrid. It doesn't have all the draw backs of batteries. The link below is just one I googled, there are many more. Remember batteries pollute more then a than the electric company's power generators. Hydrogen fuel cells also have the advantage of emitting pure drinking water as a byproduct. NASA uses fuel cells not only to power space craft but the provide a lightweight way to store water.

Chris asks…

How muchwill it cost to put up a solar power system enough to sustain a 150sqm house?

All included (photovoltaic cells, inverters etc.). Also how much will it cost to maintain this system?
My monthly electric consumption ranges from 550kwh to 600 kwh.

ssadmin answers:

As the other person told you it all depends on how much electricity you use not how large the house is. I have a cabin which I have a solar system on which is very small and home made–up and running for under $750. BUT–it powers very little, just my computer, fan, lights and water pump.

If you want a “full power house” with everything a ‘usual house' has then you won't have enough space on your roof to power everything.

Best bet, figure out what you need and how much electricity it uses then you can go from there. Until you have a budget on how many KWh you need there is no way to get the $$$'s.

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