Your Questions About Solar Power System

James asks…

How much cost savings could be expected using a solar power system that creates 2100 watts during the sun day?

this house has a 2 yr old Sunny Boy 2100u system installed. 4BR, 2.5 Bath House.

ssadmin answers:

When someone has a 2100-watt inverter installed, that usually means they're running 1800 watts or so through it, in real life. We can project power generation based on all kinds of assumptions about the panels and your location, but that's unnecessary. The Sunny Boy should have a log on its display of the total power produced. You can just look at that, and see the total number of kWh's produced over the last 2 years, or however long it was actually installed. Then, you can multiply that my the cost of electricity in your area.

Also, ask the homeowner (seller?) how much they think they save per year. It will be nuanced by how much power they use, and whether their electric rates are tiered or not. For example, if they use a lot of electricity, they might be paying a lot, maybe 30 or 50 cents a kWh, for those last few kWh's. If the Sunny Boy is displacing those, then it's saving an awful lot of money.

George asks…

How much would it cost to set up a solar power system for my house-I need 11 KWH of energy total for my house.?

How much for all of the parts? The complete system ($)
I use 11KWH per day and need a system that would provide that-

ssadmin answers:

Based on the lowest current panel prices of $7 a watt, you would be looking at an initial cost of about $77,000. That initial cost will rise after about ten years as the photovoltaic panels decrease their electricity output by about 10% every ten years.

Seriously, if you want to go green, consider a mixture of both wind and sun. You'll save a massive amount of money by doing so. And consider solar for heating your water, as this is a very effective way to save money.

Here is a link for building your own solar water panels:

Thomas asks…

How can i build a solar power system that can supply all the basic appliances in our house?

What are the equipment or materials i basically need for building this one? Where can I buy them? How much?
I want my all my C. O. to produce 220-240AC, 24hrs a day.

ssadmin answers:

Solar energy is horribly inefficient, it only converts appx 3-4% of the energy available it, it costs a fortune to. I would suggest using a different form of renewable source. Use solar energy to heat you water (very simple non-electrical system – black hose-piping within a black box – supprisingly effective for what you may thtink it is, this also saves money on electricity.

You could convert your central heating to a heat engine system (loads of info online about it) – expensive outlay but unlike solar cells very efficient with it.

Other than that common household electrical requirements nowadays are sickening and really need the national grid juice to power it. If you have a river/stream by your house tha can easily be harnessed to power all your lights, refridgerator and basic amenities … – however how many ppl actually have a stream… LUCKY BAS***D'S!

Good luck with What ever you do, any one cutting down their fuel useage is good!!!

Lisa asks…

how to built a solar power system in my home?

my warm greetings to you
my name is ahmed , i am from iraq ,i am an electrical engineer.. you know our hard circumstances , and i believe that sun power is the best , and i am so concerened , but we dont have solar cells here , my qeustion is .. how can i built a suitable solar power system to my home with out employing solar cells ? waiting for your kind answer with my best regards

ssadmin answers:


without photovoltaic cells you are going to have a hard time generating electricity. Solar energy requires a lot of initial cost – a typical home installation in the US costs around $20,000.

The simplest kind of solar heating is to use the sun to heat water for the house instead of using energy to heat the water. That will save you some money.

Another thing you could do without PV cells is to build a solar concentrator -basically a large curved mirror or mirror array that will focus the sunlight to a single spot. This focused sunlight can be used to power a device called a stirling engine, which can be used to turn heat into mechanical energy. It's a mechanical device – if you are an engineer you could probably build one and then attach it to an alternator scrounged from an old car or truck.

You should keep in mind that anything home-built is going to be pretty inefficient. Even a 100W solar panel is about a half-meter square. I'm not sure what “hard circumstances” means, but if you don't have very much money to spend your best bet is probably something like wind power generation instead of solar. Solar is great and you have lots of sun in iraq, but the technology is expensive and not very good at this point.

At any rate, best of luck and stay safe.

Ken asks…

small solar power system?

what's the smallest solar power system i can buy? this will power an 8′ x 8′ playhouse with 1 110v outlet, a light, and a very small window a/c unit. i know it will not take much to run electric to it, just trying to do my part.

ssadmin answers:

I haven't dealt with solar for a while but i don't think it would be practical for that type of use.
The a/c consumes a lot of energy and the irregular consumption wouldn't be good for the batteries which will store the electricity. Photovoltaic generation is more practical for lighting purposes since you can use energy efficient low voltage lighting which will be run on a regular basis to keep the batteries in good shape. Also depending on your geographic location, to be able to run an a/c unit will need a pretty large photovoltaic panel. I'm talking off the top of my head but from general description i dont think its practical

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