Your Questions About Solar Power System

Daniel asks…

Which president had the most efficient up to date solar power system installed on the white house?

That was George W, Bush. Maybe republicans do favor all available energy sources. Even though Bush sucked.
Just political trolling like most in the category.

ssadmin answers:

Why bother to ask if you're going to answer it yourself ??

Nancy asks…

what could be the procedure and cost of solar power system for a domestic home use.WOULD ANY SUPPLY CHAIN show?

i wish to recharge my inverter of 600 kva to run my 5 ceiling fan,5 cfls,when the power is cut off.

ssadmin answers:

You would need a bank of batteries.
The more batteries the longer it will run.
The batteries could be charged by solar power.
You could also use commercial power, when it is available, to charge the batteries.
Then use the batteries to power the inverter when the power goes off.

Richard asks…

How does the solar power system run with electrical energy?

I need to write a report. Please help!! 🙂

ssadmin answers:

There are several different types of solar panels to capture solar energy for homes. There are also a number of ways to concentrate solar energy for use in power stations.

Solar panels can be photovoltaic and produce electricity. By combining the panels in a series you are electrically concentrating the energy.

A different type of Solar panels can also capture the suns thermal (heat) energy which is used for heat, hot water, and air conditioning. Often these systems contain air or hot water that is heated and stored (concentrated) in a tank or other storage facility.

For concentrating solar power (thermal) that is then used to produce electricity some of the systems are called:

Solar power tower (using heliostats focused on a central tower)
Solar parabolic trough collector
Solar fresnel lens (using flat mirrors and similar to parabolic trough)
Solar parabolic dish collector (with a stirling engine)
Solar chimney (also sometimes called a solar tower)
Solar pond

Joseph asks…

How does a solar power system for a house work?

ssadmin answers:

Photovoltaic solar panels (Called modules in the trade) are mounted so they see direct sunlight. They generate DC electricity. The DC is converted to AC by inverters. Some DC can be use to maintain a charge on batteries. Where permitted the homeowner can feed excess power to the utility, and get it back at night when the solar system is not generating.

Batteries are needed if the system is not on the utility grid, and can be useful where utility outages are frequent, or have an impact on the user.

Laura asks…

How much power solar system give out?

How many solar system plates will need to give out (100,000)-(500,000) houses?

ssadmin answers:

Title question: 400 yotta-watts (4.0 x 10^26 watts)
house question : not sure without doing a bit of google and arithmetic

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