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Charles asks…

How can I get my solar-power-system connected up and its rebate in SA?

I live in SA and i want to know about connecting my solarpowersystem to my house and the grid so that I can sell my overflow electricity to the grid and still use the grid electricity if and when i need it.
Also I want to know if I could get a rebate for the costs of installing the system (because its Eco-friendly).
I don't know where to find the info for this kind of procedure with SA government so anyone got any clue of even where to start?

ssadmin answers:


If you do not find the information there, chance are there is no rebate.

One option for you is to wire your house to have a second set of wirring dedicated to the solar power system.

If it were me- I would not worry about connecting it to a grid, that is just social engineering to keep people attached to the grid.

Mark asks…

How much does a solar power system cost for a house on average?

price in pakistani rupees would be highly appreciated. thanks.

ssadmin answers:


Ken asks…

Looking for honest and correct wiring diagrams for basic solar power system for home installation.?

How to connect from solar panels to battery's and required meters. Or a complete tech drawing in layman's terms. I have (4) 12 volt 1000CA deep cycle marine battery's-(4) 15 Watt solar panels and that's it. Please help

ssadmin answers:

What is the application??
You are missing the voltage rating of the solar panels as well as the desired output voltage of the system. The batteries can be wired together in 3 configurations, to provide 12, 24, or 48 VDC. The solar panels can likewise be wired in 3 similar configurations. It is absolutely essential that the rated output voltages match if they are to be connected together. Metering depends on what information you want to track. Consult a local electrician.

David asks…

what type can energy be saved in the concentrated solar power system?

ssadmin answers:

Regular solar power systems convert solar energy into electricity which can be saved in the form of chemical energy (batteries).

A concentrated solar power system converts solar energy into thermal energy which can be used to run generators, turbines or heat engines. Storage of such energy can be in the form of thermal, chemical or any other means by converting the energy.

William asks…

What is the cost of space solar power system?

ssadmin answers:

I'm not sure what you're asking about.

Do you want to know what it would take to collect solar energy in space and beam it down to earth for usage? Or are you asking about what it would take to place a power system on a satellite in space to power its usage?

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