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Lisa asks…

Will space colonies that get their energy from solar power not thermally pollute the solar system? Defend your

Will space colonies that get their energy from solar power not thermally pollute the solar system? Defend your answer.

there's the whole question

ssadmin answers:

Thermal radiation from such colonies would leave the solar system at the speed of light, the same as un-captured sunlight.  Nothing would hang around to behave as a pollutant.

James asks…

cost of setting up a 10 KW solar power system ?

In kerala ? Do we have Indian companies taking contracts to convert houses to solar power and giving onsite warranty ?

ssadmin answers:

We can supply goods for your 10kw system

we are in china

Thomas asks…

where can I buy a small solar power system?

I need to buy a small solar energy system?
I want to find a place to purchase a really small solar energy pannel/system. I'm not trying to power a house or anything like that. I am building a small model, and it includes a solar energy system to power it. Imagine a model home with solar power to charge the home. That's how small I need the pannels to be. It's kind of hard for me to explain ti, but I hope this is good enough. a real working toy house sized solar system is what I am looking for. does anyone know where I can buy one? thanks for your help!

ssadmin answers:


Mary asks…

In how many years would a solar power system pay for itself?

ssadmin answers:

Well, I have a freind who is completely off grid and if you ask him, it paid for itself the first time that the power company meter reader walked around his house looking for the meter to read. He got to go outside and order the meter reader off of his property and threatened him with a tresspassing arrest if he ever comes back. The satisfaction he felt on that one day more than paid for his entire system!

In all reality, there are far too many variables to answer this question accurately. You will get it paid for quicker if you remain on the grid and sell the excess power back to the power company, but it all depends on the size, quality, location, and capasity of your system versus the way that you use what your system produces. If you are really interested in this, there is a lot of really good information on
and they also have a Yahoo e-mail group too.

Charles asks…

Run a 1200 watt microwave on an 800 watt solar power system?

I am starting to design a house that I would like to build in the near future and I am considering an off-grid solar power system. I just dont really understand electrical stuff really good when it comes to this. This would be my setup. I would of course have some solar panels, then they would be going to the charge controller, then to the batteries. Then from the batteries would be a dc-to-ac inverter. my question is, would it possible to run a 1200 watt microwave if I only had an 800 watt solar system? Now I am pretty sure I would have to have at least a 1200 watt inverter, but does the solar system also need to be at least 1200 watts or could it be less than that since the power is not coming straight from the panels. Im not really sure what i need to be looking for here. Im sure it also depends on the batteries too. If anyone has any helpful links I would appreciate that too. Thanks for any help.

ssadmin answers:

The 800 watt spec on the solar panels and charge controller is how much they can push into the battery pack at full output. These won't be affected by the load of the devices that use electricity.

In order to run the microwave, you need to be sure that your inverter can handle it. A 1200 watt inverter would strain to run a 1200 watt microwave because you don't want to load up your inverter to 100% if you can avoid it and there would likely be other electric devices turned on at the same time.

Another thing you need to be sure of is that your battery pack can deliver 1200 watts plus whatever overhead is needed to make up for inefficiencies in the electrical system. This probably is not going to be an issue, but you need to be aware of it.

Also, I suggest getting a lower wattage microwave. I have two microwaves (5 people in the family) and one is 950 watts and the other is 600 watts. I use the 600 watt unit most of the time because the 950 tends to incinerate things really easy. By running a lower wattage microwave you will also save some cost in your electrical design as well as prolong the battery charge levels when you aren't getting as much sunlight. Same goes for your hair dryer and toaster.

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