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Carol asks…

How much solar system setup for running power a home might cost ?

How much solar system setup for running power a home might costs ? I am from India and their are too many power cuts , so i have decided to setup solar system instead of buy a generetor or invertor , and can any one tell me which company in India supply Solar system setup for home

ssadmin answers:

I don't know about companies in India, but what you might do is look around for someone who has a system, then ask where they got it. If you have trouble finding anyone with a system, maybe it's not a very good deal.

If the home is in a less-developed area, and all you would be powering is a light, and a radio or TV at night, then you might get by with the kind of system they use in some parts of Africa. It has a 40 or 80-watt panel, and basically a car battery. The appliances run right off the battery, and no charger or other devices are used. This sort of system costs $200-300 when implemented by a nonprofit organization – I don't know what the cost if you were to try to set it up, yourself.

On the other hand, it sounds like you're already connected to a power grid, and maybe already have a heavy appetite for energy in your house. A solar system with batteries tends to cost about $15 a watt in the USA, when hundreds or thousands of watts are involved. A system for a modest off-grid cabin will cost anywhere from $5000 to $30000, depending on the size.

Donald asks…

what will it cost to install a solar power system to generate 40kW?

ssadmin answers:

A quick internet search found palletized solar panels running at the cheapest price of $2.79 per watt. So that works out to $111,600 without installation.

Mandy asks…

If I use 1000 kwhs a month in electricity what size off grid solar power system do I need?

ssadmin answers:

Depends where you are. Thats a lot of electric! I would start by trying to reduce consumption.

A 1 kilowatt peak system will generate around 1,500 – 2000 kWh per year in a sunny climate (e.g. Cal.) and about 750 kWh/yr in a cloudy climate (e.g. England), so you might need a 10 or 15 kWpeak system.

Ruth asks…

Details And Estimate for Solar power system?

i need specification for my home appliances.. i want to use my 5 lights 5 fan and System in solar energy. How much will cost for it

ssadmin answers:

Solar panel is too costly for to produce electricity for home,
Let s check according to your specification,
For Fan its 80W, so 5nos X 80W X 24hrs max = 9600W,
For Tube light its 80W, so 5nos X 40W X 24hrs max = 4800W,
So total 14400W means 14.4KW,
Max sunlight per day is 5 hrs, so 14400W/5 = 2280W/H solar panel required,
Solar cost again depends on supplier and country,
If you are in India, you may have to pay around 2 to 3 lacks to buy solar panel,
Solar life span is only 10 year and the efficiency may go down,

Ready to buy?

If not better go for windmill (if your is located in open or windy area)

Sandy asks…

what is the cost of a solar system sufficient to run my meter backwards?

I am looking for the cost of an alternative solar power system which will allow my home to run independent of the power grid. What is the approximate ROI?
Not looking to remove myself from the grid completely, but to be able to generate enough to have a total billing from the power company close to $0 (not monthly, but over the course of a year)

ssadmin answers:

For my house it is about $50,000! But if you don't use any electricity in your house, even a cheap 1 watt solar panel could slowly run your meter backwards. All that is needed is for the solar panels to make more electricity that you are using. So it all depends on how much electricity you use. But if you even have a meter, you are connected to the grid, so it would be wrong to say that you were independent of the grid. To be truly independent you would need a giant bank of batteries to store up extra electricity from sunny days to use at night and on cloudy days. In that case, you would have no meter to run backwards. See the source.

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