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Donna asks…

Solar power?

We are looking at buying a house and renovating it, and were wondering about using solar or wind power to power much of our house. We will have a well, be on a septic system, have a wood burning furnace for heating the house, so we would like to have solar or wind power so we can use as little electricity as possible (its insanely expensive here!). We also have our appliances (fridge, stove, washer, dryer, freezer).
How much would a basic set up be for a 900 sq ft, 3 bedroom house? For either wind turbines or solar panels and necessary equipment? I am in Southern Ontario.


ssadmin answers:

Go to canadiantire's web site and search solar panel.

They range from $30 — $1000

Ruth asks…

solar power?

I want to make a solar power generator for ac use not dc use, how long will it last if iam running a total of 1600 watts ? I was planning on making one with 8 batteries.
any websites that explain this would be greatly appreciated.

ssadmin answers:

The question is not too clear, as solar chargers are in fact d/c power as is the batteries they charge. To get a/c power from the system you will need an “inverter”, and they come in various sizes, watts that is.
The amount of time will also depend on the batteries used, as they are all not the same. Reserve amps will be the determining factor to look at.
There is a formula published by the makers of these inverters that will give approximate running times, and most can be found through Google under the manufacturers brand name.

Carol asks…

Solar Power?


I have some questions about solar power, it's for a school project. Thanks for all your help in advance.

What is solar power?

How does it work? (Please be as specific as possible and list details)

What is solar power used for? (A list would be great.)

How efficient is solar power?

How cost efficient it is?

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

And anything you find important to share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

ssadmin answers:

Solar power refers to the utilisation of the sunlight for meeting our energy needs, which are otherwise met by electricity or coal, oil, gas etc.

There are several ways for utilising solar power:

– photovoltaic cells for producing electricity (very expensive to set up but maintenance free)

– solar water heaters very popular in several countries to produce hot water

– solar cookers for cooking food

Solar power is environmentally very clean – no carbon dioxide, no radiation, no health hazards etc.

But it is very expensive right now.

Joseph asks…

What kind of solar power setup would I need to power a single room's energy needs?

I live in the basement of a house and would like to run my room on solar power. I have two power strips that run a TV and DVD player, a laptop, printer and two external hard drives and I would need to use a couple floor lamps in the room as well. What kind of solar paneling setup would I need and what would be the ballpark cost on this?

ssadmin answers:

Let me just say, the cost would be too much to be worthwhile. It appears you would need at least 750 watts. If you wanted to use the electrical things at night too, the system would have to deliver that much power for the equipment, and more to charge the batteries. Make it a total of 1500 watts, and you would need between 10 and 15 panels, plus an inverter, mounting rails for the panels, two fused disconnect switches and wire. I expect around $10,000 or more.

Chris asks…

How many solar power towers are there in the world?

I'm doing a project on solar power towers. But, I have a hard time finding information on the amount over the internet. So, how many solar power towers are there in the world? I'm looking for any solar power tower, not only commercial power towers.

ssadmin answers:

No body knows. New ones are being built all the time. There is no central data base that keeps track of such projects.

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