Your Questions About Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Charles asks…

Where can I buy solar powered Air-conditioners for home use?

My house construction is 75% completed. And, I am planning for a Solar based Water heater, Inverter for home use. Similarly, whether there is solar powered airconditioner available in the market? If so, in India whom to contact, any dealers/company details etc.

ssadmin answers:

AN AC uses way more power than a water heater. In effect you need to install solar panels into your home.

Daniel asks…

Can I buy a solar powered air conditioner?

ssadmin answers:

The central air unit is the same it doesn't care where the power comes from. They draw a lot of power so you would need a pretty good solar panel. You can buy a solar powered swamp cooler though.

Sandra asks…

I saw an ad for a solar powered air conditioner that hangs on the car window.?

It's solar powered. It will keep the car at around 75 degrees on a 95 degree day. I seen it advertised a couple of weeks ago and didn't have a pen to write the number to call down. It reminds me of a speaker from a drive-in movie.

ssadmin answers:

It's not an air conditioner, It's a solar powered fan that ventilates hot, stagnate air out of your car. They cost about 20 bucks.

Laura asks…

Is there a solar powered compact air conditioner I can buy for my car?

I don't have an air conditioner is this car I purchased a few years ago. About four months out of the year, it is really hot! I don't want to spend $3,000 for an AC. Seems like there should be some good technology out there, but have not really found anything worth buying yet. I only found a solar unit that pulls the heat out of the car when it is parked.

ssadmin answers:

No, there is no such thing, yet.

Right now, solar panels (while cool, and eco friendly and all…) are not “great” at generating power. What I mean is, solar panels do create “free” electricity, it's only a little bit of electricity. It doesn't take very much power to run a small fan that sucks hot air out of the car.

But an air conditioner compressor (the thing that cools the air) takes a LOT of power compared to a fan. So you would need a very large (larger than the car) grouping (array) of solar panels to create enough power to run an air conditioner.

You could buy an electric air conditioner, run it off batteries (put 6 or so in the trunk) and charge the batteries with a solar array while the car was parked. Something like 100 hours of sunlight should give you 2 or 3 hours of air conditioning. Of course, the cost would be closer to the $3000 you don't want to spend.

Sorry there's not (yet) a super efficient solar panel available that can turn 5 minutes of sun into enough power to run a car, plus air conditioning all day.

George asks…

Can I power my electric air conditioner with solar panels?

Do I have to buy a solar air conditioner to power it with solar power, or can I use my regular electric air conditioner? The solar a.c.s are crazy expensive, so I want to use what I have. Is that possible? And if so, how do I do it?

ssadmin answers:

Hi I am the owner of Mountain Wind & Solar (please be aware though that this website is still under construction).

Yes you can, it is as simple as this:

install the solar panels
Hook the DC output of the solar panels up to a DC to AC inverter
Plug your air conditioner into the DC to AC inverter
Wa LA you have a solar paneled air conditioner.

Be aware that you will have to make sure that you have enough solar power to run the air conditioner.

If you have any other questions about energy, wind turbines, or solar panels feel free to email me at

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