Your Questions About Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Donna asks…

how much watts will it take to power a air conditioner with a solar panel?

i want to now how to power a (AC) air conditioner with a solar enegry PANEL. ALSO HOW MUCH ENERGY I NEED TO PROVIDE THE PANEL WITH

ssadmin answers:

The same as with any other method.

If it is a 2kw/h air-con unit, the panel will need to provide 2kw/h (i.e. It would need to be very big!)

Linda asks…

where do you find solar power air conditioners and other products?

ssadmin answers:


Donald asks…

Can solar energy power a home air conditioner?

ssadmin answers:

Hi!My name is Rene Paley.I'm a environmentalist.
Currently,there's a Hot products called Earth4Energy Saying that it will help you to build your own solar and wind power under $200!
I have purchased the guide last month and let me give you a overview…
For more information:

John asks…

Where can I find a solar energy air conditioner and stove that use less than 500 watts?

I want to find a stove and air conditioner that are energy efficient. The air condioner has to use solar energy and less than 500 watts. Can somebody send me the link of where i can find these products?

Also, can you turn on and off solat power lights?

ssadmin answers:

I don't know if I can answer your question in the fashion you wish it to be answered. I don't know of any specific manufacturer which makes either a solar powered A/C unit or stove. There are many smaller appliances that are solar powered or portable solar arrays to power small appliances.

To give you an idea, a portable room A/C unit uses 1200 watt to start the unit and 1000 watts to run. With my simple mind, it would take at least 6 @ 200 watts panels or more (I'm do not have any solar power training, so consult a professional). If you are looking to go green for your home, look into purchasing a solar system. The price has been falling over the years and the technology has been improving. In addition, there are many grants and tax incentives to make it more affordable. Solar system are making more economic sense today.

Charles asks…

What is the song on the Prius solar power commercial?

Hey, I know that the song on the new Prius solar power commercial (with the solar powered air conditioner) is by Petra Haden, but I cannot for the life of me find the title of the song. Help me out?
As I said, I am refering to the solar power commercial. I have the links to the commercial on youtube, but I would like the name of the song. Thanks.
Solar” that is, sorry.

ssadmin answers:

The song is by Petra Haden, and it's referred to as “Solar” along with the commercial by the same name.

It's not an official track/song that's available anywhere. This is direct from “Denise M.” at Toyota USA. So, Petra made this tune “just for Toyota” and you currently can't buy/download it anywhere except with the Toyota words in the track.

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