Your Questions About Solar Powered Air Conditioner

William asks…

to run one 1500btu air conditioner only on solar?

in my school I want to put a few panels on the flat roof outside my room and run an air conditioning unit off it. Teach solar power while cooling room. Can I do this easily?

ssadmin answers:

Using solar panels to run an air conditioner is wasteful and expensive
Much larger capacity air conditioner can use solar energy more wisely and more efficiently by heating up the outside while cooling down the inside.

Ruth asks…

Solar Power: Does anyone know how many watts the “average” air conditioner requires to operate?

Compressor, Condenser coils, Fan, etc…the whole unit.

I recognize they'll all be different, but I'd like to find out a ballpark figure for a fairly average unit.

I'm considering putting in a solar system to operate only the air conditioner to potentially lower electric costs.

ssadmin answers:

The main consumer of energy in an A/C system is the compressor. All other components use far less energy than the compressor and can be considered as insignificant.

I like to use the following as an estimate for compressor energy consumption:
Most central A/C units run on 220V and use 20-30 amps. Wattage is calculated by Voltage x Current, so 220*20=44000 W or 4.4kW.

The second biggest energy draw is the fan, but it is less than 1kW. Note that the condenser coils do not utilize any electricity. It's just tubes into which the refrigerant expands and cools.

Try to determine the amperage requirements for your compressor. This will give you your best estimate.

Mary asks…

if I want to power a 500 watt air conditioner, what watt solar panel system will I need?

Other words, is it the same wattage the air conditioner is? Sorry for the confusion lolz

ssadmin answers:

Depends on how long you run the A/C. Let's use 500W of panels as an example. Consider the fact that the panels are generating power at 500W rate for about 6 sun hours a day in the summer (depending on where you are). When you figure in losses, if you run it for 4 hours, 500W of panels may do it. 500W x 4 hours = 2000 watt hours (or 2kwh) needed, 500W panels x 6 sun hours -35% losses = 1950wh generated.

You can calculate how much you would need in panels and batteries on an off grid calculator like this, If you are planning on staying connected to the grid, but want to offset the amount of power the AC uses, you can go to a grid tied calculator like this,

Richard asks…

is it possible to make a small solar refrigerant air-conditioner to keep a small cabin (2sqm) cool?

to keep a small cabin under hot desert glazing sun cool using solar power.
i tried evaporate coolers but but did not work out.

ssadmin answers:

No u have to back for some one who is specialized in this area .that's only for your safety

Maria asks…

I need some information on setting up a solar air condition.?

I would like to set up a solar power system to run my air conditioner or even just run or some of my lights in a portion of my home to save on energy cost. I am not a rich man so the cheapest way to do this is what i need. If any one uses solar in there home please help me he get started.

ssadmin answers:

I did a solar air conditioner project when I lived in Phoenix AZ. I cooled my house for three years, but had to move to Oregon where the sun doesn't shine and it doesn't get hot.
My system was less than $3000, had only a couple moving parts, was automatic, low tech, etc.
The big problem was it was based on R12 which is considered by some lying SOBs to be not politically correct.
Butane would work just as good, but I wouldn't want it to escape into my house.
I did this in the 80s and There was so much big dollar competition based on plitics that I had to drop it
If you email me, I may find time to give you more info.
I can't afford to patent this, but it would be nice if it went somewhere.

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