Your Questions About Solar Powered Attic Fan

Nancy asks…

Is there any evidence that solar powered attic fans really work, or is it all hype from the manufacturers?

I want to install one but I have seen no evidence, jst claims. Is it real or phony? I live in Texas were summers are HOT and HUMID

ssadmin answers:

I have no expierence with the solar powered fans but I have been in homes with regular powered fans that are connected to either a timer or temperature gauge and they work very well here in inland California where temps can get into the 103-115 range.
The fans basically exhaust hot air from the attic which inturn allow hot air in the home to rise and cooler air from outside to be drawn in. Think of it this way; imagine how difficult to it is to cool a home to a comfortable 80 degrees when you have an attic that is 130-140 degrees.

Helen asks…

Any luck with solar powered attic fans?

I want to buy one for my house and some have given the solar powered ones a thumb down, but that's all I really want.

Anyone have one and how have they worked, worth the price? Have you had a tile roof? I asked this elsewhere and someone told me that it was stupid that I have ceiling fans in all my upstairs rooms because the don't help at all. I was aghast.
Attic fan. I was trying to justfy asking the question again by showing that one of the two reponses I got told me I was dumb for having ceiling fans, I want to add an attic fan to help using the air as little as possible.

ssadmin answers:

I had one installed and it works well. When it gets above a certain temp it kicks on and with that and the programmable thermastat my AC bill was less this year.

Donald asks…

need a roof mount attic fan for a hip metal roof. What kind will work on a metal roof, and not leak?

Also, there is 4 box shaped vents on the roof, I am going to install a metal roof in a couple weeks. I want to remove the 4 vents and add a solar powered attic fan. Will the perforated soffit provide enough air intake for the attic fan? This way i can do away with the ugly vents and have just the one attic fan. Thanks

ssadmin answers:

Your question poses several other questions….sorry…..i'm a professional roofer who installs metal roofing everyday.first of all if your soffitt vents are installed properly they'll do their job. The box vents can be removed , more holes cut in the existing roof (towards the ridge)…and have a vented ridge installed. They are made for metal roofing these days.this is a passive technique and requires no wiring or mechanicals……solar powered attic fan?….perhaps if you're in the southern belt……anyway ….all things considered it comes down to flashing this fan in the end…..the roofer should be able to do this………….i'm known as THE ROOF DOCTOR in these parts…..upstate NY

John asks…

completely solar powered attic fans?

i'm looking into solar powered attic exhaust fans, gable and roof

any suggestions on specific fans that you know work well?

i've looked up a few but i'm worried about being able to aim the solar panels at the sun, having the thermostat on it set, and if it is worth the money

ssadmin answers:

The easiest to install would be a gable end vent. Remove the existing end vent, install the new one, perhaps trim it out to look good.

Keep the solor panel vertical, this will keep snow and road grime off it. Don't worry about aiming it. Most panels need sunlight, not direct sunlight.

I wouldn't use the thermostat feature. There is just as great a need to vent the attic during the cold season as there is during the warm season.

The gable mount fans have long wires that allow you to place the fan in the gable and then mount the panel where it will get plenty of sun or stay out of sight.

Richard asks…

Late last summer my Attic fan stopped working. I may need a new fan. What is the standard cost for Attic fans?

Are the solar powered Attic Fans good investments?

ssadmin answers:

Your cost question answered Will run from $100-$400 depending on choice/size/louvered/labor or d/i/y.

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