Your Questions About Solar Powered Attic Fan

Mandy asks…

Anyone have a solar powered attic fan on a til?

My husband I bought our first home last year and this summer has been brutal! We’ve got fans upstairs in the all the rooms but it’s still so hot upstairs. We want to get an attic fan installed, a solar one preferably. We rarely use our air, but it would help tremendously on those really hot days and I know it’s also good for winter to keep moisture down.
We have a tile roof and I wonder if that would make installation harder, especially since the tiles break easily. Anyone install something like this in their home? Was it worth it? Was it more expensive because of the tiles?
Thankfully we are lucky enough to have a couple of trees out front and have a relatively low electricity bill, but it could always be better and I would love to not have to use the air at all!
No, our fans are not useless, they help the room feel cooler and they use much less energy than air conditioning. That is widely known.

ssadmin answers:

I don't know of anyone that has a solar powered attic fan. But I know of people having solar on their homes and run an attic fan.

I would think that the tiles would make the cost of anything more. Simply because they know you can afford the tiles so you could afford to pay a little more for their services.

It takes a tile kit to put solar on a roof and no one wants to get on a roof with tile on it. I know I will turn down any job that involved tile.

Good luck, but I bet it will cost a little more then you expect.

George asks…

Can anyone tell me about their own experience with a solar powered attic fan? Perhaps a brand and why.?

I understand that they reduce your overall utility cost and they seem to make sense. I just do not know about durability and things to watch for. Some perspective would be useful on Companies to avoid and in some cases solar companies to embrace.i.e. customer service Do you think I should physically see the product versus trusting the description on line? Let me know your experience with the cost benefit ratio, particularly the cost savings on your electric utility bill.

ssadmin answers:

It's there during the summer for ventilation, and during the winter, to prevent it from getting too cold we tie a plastic bag over it to keep the rain/snow/etc out.

Donna asks…

I am looking to put an attic fan in my house. How efficient/practical are the solar powered attic fans?

ssadmin answers:

Unless you live where it gets very hot you would save more money by improving your insulation. The service department of the company I work for installs these and I cannot say that I recommend them for any area that does not regularly reach 100 degrees in the summer.

Lisa asks…

Is there a solar powered attic fan with electric power for hot nights?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, you can add a Solar Controller. It will allow you to plug your solar attic fan into electric power and automatically kicks on when the sun goes down.

Charles asks…

I will be installing a solar powered attic fan. attic access is through a 3'x3′ opening in garage ceiling.?

should i close this opening to allow ventilation through soffit vents? or maybe keep it open during winter or summer? the opening is at the opposite side of attic from fan. garage is not heated. thanks!

ssadmin answers:

I would close the opening when not in use for proper attic venting as you mentioned plus to conform to Fire Hazard Prevention needs. The opening should have the same rating as the rest of the ceiling in normal mode to prevent fire from easy access to the attic structure.

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