Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

Michael asks…

In PLTW (Project Lead The Way) how do you make the solar/ hydrogen powered cars go faster?

we are working on the cars and we have to be the fastest car to get an A on the project and the rest get B's how do you make the cars go faster using the VEX parts?

ssadmin answers:

Hi Jordan, Basically make it as light as possible, rolling resistance should me minimal. If you're using the knobbly wheels, remove the knobs and make the area that contacts the ground as small as possible by making it a round section – like a bicycle tire. Aerodynamic resistance should be minimal as well (reduce frontal area a good start).
Also, so it doesn't flip when it's going really fast, keep center of gravity as low as possible.
Should be a winner!
Good luck.

Charles asks…

Why don't we just drive solar powered cars?

ssadmin answers:

Okay cool, can I get a unicorn to ride also?

Thomas asks…

why cant we buy solar cars yet?

Why is it that we still cant buy solar powered cars.

ssadmin answers:

There are many reasons and here are a few.
Huge petro chemical corporations spend a lot of money on lobbyists to make sure that the lawmakers that they essentially own do not enact legislation to enable funding for research to make them practical for use in transportation.
As a result insuficient funding is present to do the research necessary to develop methods to economically and practically enable solar energy systems to be developed.
Until big business can find a way to make more money through solar energy it will never happen. If I sound cynical, then why did it take the Japanese to make affordable energy efficient cars in enough quantities to scare the US Auto industry enough to start making their own. Present difficulties with Toyota Corporation excepted, it is a given that for a decade or so they have been making the highest quality automobiles. Only when their production and sales caused a massive drop in US made vehicles did the US auto industry start spending more money on making better cars.

That is the short answer!

Donald asks…

If everyone had solar-powered cars, would Democrats tax the sun?

ssadmin answers:

That is funny–but the short answer is YES.

The government needs revenue—it has to get it from somewhere.

I heard that hybrids were causing some local communities in California to lose out on Gasoline taxes–so they want to raise the registration fees on hybrids.

Carol asks…

how much do solar powered cars cost?

please give me websites

ssadmin answers:


na, i dunno.
But to expensive for someone with minimal wage 😀

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