Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

Joseph asks…

have they created a solar powered car yet?

have they created a solar powered car yet, and if not, what are the reasons we havent?

ssadmin answers:

They created solar powered cars YEARS ago.

Only problem is that they cost too much.

The trick is to build an AFFORDABLE solar powered car.

Helen asks…

which is has a better performance, a hydrogen (water) powered car or a solar powered car?

which is has a better performance, a hydrogen (water) powered car or a solar powered car?
i need to know asap please!

ssadmin answers:

The facts that follow do not mean I am against Hydrogen internal combustion engine. I am pointing the faults out so they can be solved.

Hydrogen has very low ignition energy. The amount of energy needed to ignite hydrogen is about one order of magnitude less than that required for gasoline.
Unfortunately, the low ignition energy means that hot gases and hot spots on the cylinder can serve as sources of ignition, creating problems of premature ignition and flashback. Hydrogen has a small quenching distance, smaller than gasoline. Consequently, hydrogen flames travel closer to the cylinder wall than other fuels before they extinguish. Thus, it is more difficult to quench a hydrogen flame than a gasoline flame. The smaller quenching distance can also increase the tendency for backfire since the flame from a hydrogen-air mixture more readily passes a nearly closed intake valve, than a hydrocarbon-air flame.
As with gasoline engines, unburnt fuel can seep by the piston rings and enter the crankcase. Since hydrogen has a lower energy ignition limit than gasoline, any unburnt hydrogen entering the crankcase has a greater chance of igniting.

Susan asks…

why aren't solar powered cars out on roads today?

ssadmin answers:

The Toyota Prius is running on solar power in Japan. They may bring it to market in the U.S.

William asks…

Why don't they have more solar powered cars?

ssadmin answers:

We need something and we need more people like you asking these questions until it becomes a reality. Buying foreign oil sucks especially from people that are evil and hate us.

Ken asks…

Can you work a solar powered car without sunlight?

We are doing a project at school and there's no sun out. How do i make it work? (still being solar powered)

ssadmin answers:

By definition, solar means from the sun. If there is no sunlight, you are not using solar power.

What you want to know is if there is an artificial light that can you can shine on a photovoltaic panel to get out electricity. You probably can find such a source, but it must be intense to get out the same power that the sun would provide. Furthermore, the efficiency of a solar car vanishes if you have to use artificial light because you need something to generate the electricity to run the artificial light source.

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