Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

George asks…

How can I make my mini solar powered car move faster?

I'm trying to make this car. It is a little thing…sort of like a remote controlled car…except without the remote…it's got to be aerodynamic it MUST be good looking MUST be VERY fast and MUST be adaptable(solar pannel must be able to rotate or move to the sun) any ideas on what shape to make it how to make it move faster or how to make it look better?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, flat and wide. Each year there is a contest to race solar cars across the US. Go look at the various designs and emulate them. They are all designed to have a large surface area and be very aerodynamic. Kind of like a large skateboard.

Mark asks…

why don't we have solar powered electric cars?

the one on mars has been running for years ,(rover)
a golf cart goes faster than 20 mph, and as far battery charging time ,they have(cordless) power tools that charge quickly.
oh so they (the powers that be )can make toys and golf carts for johnny to play with but build one to get you to work and all of a sudden my dogs P**P comes into it ?
do you work for shell or bp

ssadmin answers:

Because companies do what is best for them, not you. It's all about making money, not providing the best service for you. They have the ability to make a very affordable vehicle that cost next to nothing to operate, but there isn't enough money in it. Greed… 🙁

John asks…

Why hasn't anyone invented solar powered cars calculators are ?

ssadmin answers:

They've been invented however the big wigs that own the oil companies don't really like the idea of solar powered cars, so they don't let them become mainstream.

Donald asks…

POLL: What is yout opinion on solar powered cars?


ssadmin answers:

They are lacking in development in power storage and sunlight conversion %

Michael asks…

How does a solar powered radio in a solar powered car work?

So how does it?

how does the engery get to it? Does it take it from the cars solar or is there a solar panel on that? does it take it from the batteries solar power/ (does it run on battery also?)
want me t be honest its for school. don't give me a stupid answer.

ssadmin answers:

Marie, all car radios work from battery power , petrol or diesel cars have battery's this powers their radio s, a solar power car only has battery power to drive the motor to power it along, this same battery is where the radio gets its power from ! Hope this helps,

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