Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

Paul asks…

Do any cars currently on the market use a solar powered roof to keep the car cool when left in the sun?

It would seem a natural, especially in the southwestern states that get a lot of sun.

ssadmin answers:

Audi offer this as an optional extra, its a solar powered sunroof that uses the energy it gains to circulate the air inside the vehicle to keep it cooler. Couple with the sun reflecting properties of another manufacturers windscreen and you could certainly keep your car cool so you dont burn your bum when you get back in

Ruth asks…

I am having trouble finding info. on solar-powered cars?

Please help just a link would be fine, tried St. Paul public libraries on the web and looked all over and found-nothing…please help! I will pick best!

ssadmin answers:

Have a look here…

Robert asks…

How much is an average solar powered car?

This may seem weird but I dont want to deal with gas prices any more.

ssadmin answers:

“Average” Well, the 2 at MIT and the other 3 at CMU really doesn't give a tidy “average”.

I'd say you should try gluing your solar powered calculators to your car and see if that helps just a wee bit?

Serious answer: $29.95, sunlight not included.

Jenny asks…

How to make a solar powered soapbox car?

So I have a science project coming up on experimental design and I want to see what goes faster a solar powered soap box car or a regular one? So does anyone know how to make one?

ssadmin answers:

Make a box out of soap and put a battry in it.

Thomas asks…

are the automatic keys for cars solar powered? ?

Mine hasn't been working well – and it seems to work mostly during the day and at night I have a lot of problems with it. I cant get into the car without setting off the alarm and I cant shutoff the alarm unless my dumb key works. Any good advice on how to resolve this?

ssadmin answers:

Replace the battery in the key. Its not solar powered.


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