Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

Chris asks…

Why isn't everything solar, wind, or geothermal powered?

Someone told me the reason cars aren't solar powered is because every time someone makes one the gas company buys it and does nothing with it so they can keep making money. Also, I've seen videos of schools that are solar powered and it has helped them a lot because they didn't have enough money for a lot of stuff until they got solar power. If that can happen why can't it be for all schools? And why isn't there at least one person to build a solar power car that does not give it to the gas company?
By the way, geothermal energy is energy that comes from inside the Earth.

ssadmin answers:

Cars need more power to run than solar panels that could fit on the car can provide. The solution comes with electric cars. You can charge the batteries in an electric car during the day with solar that is mounted on a roof or carport, it's called a solar charging station. You'll start seeing more of that now that plug-in electric cars are becoming more common. Some companies, like Google, have solar charging stations in their parking lot, so you can plug in while at work, and drive home, not requiring any electricity from dirty coal powered plants. Destinations like amusement parks, train stations, malls, and other places that you leave your car for hours during the day will start installing EV charging stations. So, in a way, it is a solar powered car, just not the way you envision.

On non-sunny days, you would need to charge it from the electric grid, but the advantage is you are using it less. Less is more!

Nancy asks…

Are you considering buying an electric car or solar powered car or some car that doesn't use gas?

I am considering a Chevrolet Volt those are new awesome hybrids electric car and gas powered car you can switch between gas or electric.

ssadmin answers:

Nope, I'll always have an older model vehicle so when they send the emp charges out to kill all the electronics I'll have a way to head for the hills.

Lizzie asks…

How does a solar powered car work?

ssadmin answers:

Not as well as they want!….
There basically a battery powered car that is charged up by the suns rays,……
Course there a lot more complex,but that's the top and bottom of it.

David asks…

do you think solar-powered bumper cars can replace our electric cars? :D?

ssadmin answers:

You are making two different references in one question.

There are solar powered racing cars. They are used in the World Solar Challenge and the American Solar Challenge. These vehicles have a unique design that minimizes air drag and weight while maximizing the surface exposed to the sun. They can go reasonably fast but are not practical for our transportation needs. Most of our cars could never have a practical amount of solar cells on the available surface of the car to power the vehicle in all conditions. This is true especially at night.

“Bumper cars” are found at amusement parks. These are electric vehicles that are not powered with batteries. Power is transmitted to the vehicles through the ceiling and the cable or through the floor.

There was an article that described the absurdity of making electric cars run on batteries and that the only practical electric cars would be bumper car: equally absurd. Http:// In fact the author of that article seemed not to be familiar with the latest developments in transferring power to electric vehicles wirelessly through tuned capacitors.

I could envision a world where we electrify some major highways and pathways through our cities so vehicles that traveled these routes would not have to depend upon batteries. I think it will happen eventually. It is likely to happen outside of the US at first as it would require a government involved in building infrastructure. S Korea is working on such a system. Http://

William asks…


what ARE some safety concerns regarding driving and racing solarpowered cars? how might some of these be addressed??????

ssadmin answers:

Solar powered cars are designed to be extremely light to be efficient. This minimalistic structure would provide little protection during a collision with a car and SUVs.

Also acid in the batteries (if it uses lead acid batteries) can also pose a danger.

My suggesstion is that they should build bigger solar cars and use lithium ion batteries.

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