Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

Helen asks…

Where are the electric and solar cars ?

I've seen cars that you plug in before on the Discovery Channel 15 years ago…And I think i've even seen cars that were both electric and solar powered…Why are they not being mass produced after 15 years now?

ssadmin answers:

I” in LOVE again, Now your asking the important question! GM had the best electric car back in the late 80's But the oil company's didn't like the idea that they would loose to a new energy source. Toyota has the smartest cars on the roads today, and GM is coming out with it's 09 Volt or maybe it 2010, We need to stick it to the oil companies who have killed all the past new energy that we have come up with! KEEP asking my LOVE!

Betty asks…

Building a solar powered car and need help!?

I am building a solar powered car, I know the technology for the most part but my question is: Where can I find the solar panels that I will need & what voltage/ wattage panels will I need?

ssadmin answers:

First make the car
second measure how many Watts it needs
you get 1 Watt for 55 square inch of solar panel, just do the maths

here are some examples and suggestions


Lisa asks…

How much would it cost to make a car completely solar powered?

I mean a car like the Nissan 370Z, because I really want that car one day. How much would it cost to make it competely solar powered, because I would also like to go green while driving. Thanks. =)
Then how much would it cost to make it 50% or as much as I could?

ssadmin answers:

It's not possible with todays technology. Not by a long shot.

Paul asks…

Are solar powered or hybrid cars more environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel cars with smaller engine?

ssadmin answers:

Yes they are. New advancements require that the batteries do not have to be recharged. Once they reach the end of thier usefullness or are wrecked beyon repair, they (the whole car) can be recycled. As for cost, the prices are comming down given todays demand for these veh. People starting to drive today will look back and say..I can remember when I was a kid haveing to put gas in the car…thier kids will say why?

Linda asks…

How do you make the perfect solar car?

In my science class we are building solar cars. The fastest solar car of 30 groups gets some prize yet to be announced. I would like to know what you feel are the best materials to make a car that goes very fast (cardboard, styrofoam, milk cartons, etc. etc.) I basically just need details on how to make it go faster. Should it be thin and light? Thick and heavy? How can my group make the fastest solar powered car.

I will choose a best answer ;D

ssadmin answers:

Make it as light as possible so there is less strain on the motor.

Make it as wide as possible to get the most area for you to mount the solar cells. The more solar cells you have pointing directly at the light source, the more power will be available to the motor.

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