Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

Sandra asks…

when will we have solar powered vehicles on the streets ?

I know that solar roof tops are available for cars, but the range is minimally boosted. And then the solar cars for endurance races.. but they are not designs for the general public. I like to know when electric vehicles will be powered by at least 50% through solar energy and built in vehicle solar panels ?

ssadmin answers:

All the vehicles Ive seen online are still just too heavy to use all the on board solar power to transport someone down the road. It becomes a trade off… You need more surface area to have more solar panels, and this adds more weight..

Some bikers have mounted solar panels on the roof, side, or pulled a trailer… And that's a good start, but my favorite is THEKPV.

This vehicle has solar panels as the wind fairing, plus the bike is only 50lbs.. He doesn't say how much solar power it uses riding down the road.. But the site mentions using the solar power to charge batteries, and capacitors in smaller groups so I assume he can utilize the 50 watts of on board solar power to match 50 watts from the battery and ride down the road on 100 watts @ 50% solar. This is probably very slow.. Compared to a car.

Sandy asks…

Solar/battery-powered cars?

If these cars are so efficient and will not use up as much gas, plus they are environment safe, why are they SO expensive? Gas is part of the trouble we're having in the middle east, so why not help get rid of gas? I don't understand why there are so many advertisements and proposals to get rid of the use of harmful pollutants such as gas, yet sellers will raise the price JUST because it will help the environment?

ssadmin answers:

The materials to make the electric powered vehicles are more expensive.

I fly Radio Controlled models. The cost to get an electric powered model flying can be 3 times the cost to get a fuel powered model flying. Eventually (if it doesn't crash) the electric model turns out cheaper due to fuel cost savings…

But how many people want to pay for 4 years of fuel the day they buy their car?

Electric power costs are coming down, but it will be a few more years before the electric cars can gain a large market share. When it is possible to see savings within a year of the purchase, THEN electric cars will start replacing gasoline powered cars.

Lizzie asks…

Why are Hydrogen Powered cars not here yet?

How light can a car be designed if water’s electrical breakdown is Solar Powered to augment Hydrogen Powered cars?

ssadmin answers:

Very expensive batteries and a lot of power is needed. Also Hydrogen burns very easily and leaks will blow up you car very quickly. There is also a rumour that a petroleum company bought out the patent that works.

Maria asks…

Of all cars, how many are solar powered?

I need to know this as quick as you can. Also a reference as to where to look for it would also be helpful. PLEASE! HELP ME!!!

ssadmin answers:

Extremely few. Just try building one by yourself that will perform with all the other vehicles on the road & at night.

Susan asks…

if someone invented a solar powered car tommorrow, would you go out and get one?

if it's say 5 thousand dollars more expensive then petrol engine cars, or would you stick to your petrol ones?

ssadmin answers:

Yes i would, i think our planets resources are runnig out fast so i'd wellcome anything that slows this down but that all we can do .

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