Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

Lizzie asks…

What are the challenges and problems with solar-powered cars?

How these can be overcome in a different domain?

ssadmin answers:

The surface area of a car is not large enough to permit capturing enough solar energy to power a car.
Even if you had 100% efficient solar cells, you couldn't reasonably power a car.
And what are you going to do when you're downtown at rush hour, and it gets cloudy.
It's not a good idea.

James asks…

Do you think solar powered cars would be better than electric cars?

They charge the battery during the day and then run on battery a night.

ssadmin answers:

I personally think that we need to invent wind powered cars.

Mandy asks…

How are Solar powered cars better than their gas powered counterparts?

ssadmin answers:

Well the thing is Freddy, Its simple. Guys who drive solar powered cars get way more pussy than guys who drive normal cars. There are numerous girls in the Ecology Club who have tight asses and huge tits and love to give it up. These girls just get horny when they think of how much a solar powered car helps the environment. And they are naughty. They have to have very kinky sex to get rid of this powerful emotion. I mean, even if Assanulah Popal drove a solar powered car, i bet he could maybe even get premal's sister.

Betty asks…

This is for my LA essay: If there were solar powered cars, hydro cars, ect. being manufactured, would you buy?

I'm doing a presuasive essay and my topic is; If there were eneryg efficient cars, do you think you would buy them, and/or do you think other people would buy them? Do you think it is going to help Global Warming/Pollution. If you could answer, thank you.

ssadmin answers:

“If there were solar powered cars, hydro cars, ect. Being manufactured, would I buy one?”
sure, depending on the price, and how well it worked.
$1,000,000? No.
Competitive price? Yes.

However, neither of your options (solar or hydro) are going to work.
Water is not a power source, other than a hydroelectric generation.
You can't burn water — it's already been burned.
It makes just as much sense to say you'd run a car on CO2.

Solar powered cars are not viable in the near future.
Every year, there are solar car races.
The sun generates something like 2-3 hp on the panels.
That's not enough to power anything like a street legal car, at any reasonable speed.
The problem is that solar energy is not sufficiently concentrated to make it viable today.

Sharon asks…

who thinks solar powered cars should be invented and used daily?

I think so, mind take a while to charge up here in scotland not much sun

ssadmin answers:

Me me meeeeee!
Great idea, by the way!

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