Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

John asks…

What do you think about solar powered cars? Do you believe it will be a viable solution?

and do you think it will be put into mass production?
give me your thoughts!!!!

ssadmin answers:

YES! Right now there are millions of cars on the road greatly speeding the process of global warming. Having solar power gets rid of exhaust. It is the practical alternative to fossil fuels. I do think it will be put into mass production because the government gives tax benefits and also donate to companies that provide eco-friendly services. 🙂

Mandy asks…

Who designs and creates things such as solar powered cars etc.?

I want to know the title of the person mentioned in the above question. It's a field I want to go into, but I would like more specifics than just an “environmental engineer”.

ssadmin answers:

I am not so sure what is a “thing like a solar powered cars” but solar cars are developed with an interdisciplinary approach mostly by students at various schools and then entered in one of several “races.”1 Even most petrol vehicles are so complex that they will take experts from several different fields. Included in such a project will probably be:

electrical engineers
physics majors
math majors
computer techs, and designers
sales and marketing (or for the procurement of materials and parts)]
fund raisers
support staff
at least one driver
research assistants

there will certainly be some organizational staff as well, managers and perhaps accountants and possibly an economist. If you have such a keen interest you might do a bit more research to see if there is a school or shop working on such a project near where you live. By offering your time you will gain an invaluable experience and information.

Sandra asks…

So when are they gonna have lots of electric or solar-powered cars availble here in the US,..?

and what will be going through the heads of those oil companies if people were to start buying nothing but those electric or solarpowered cars with gas already so high and it going even higher. Whatever they'd be thinking, they'd have to realize they brought it on themselves and they were asking for it…

ssadmin answers:

The Green Vehicles Triac is going to be the first affordable highway speed EV available in July.

And Aptera is going to have the second.

Next year ZAP, ZENN, and Miles also expect to join the mix.

And of course the Tesla Roaster is already available if you've got a spare $98k lying around.

Donald asks…

DO solar powered cars work at night?

The car needs the power of the sun, so it would make sense that the car would shut off as the sun goes down. Right?

ssadmin answers:

They have a battery back up. The sun recharges the battery so it can run during night.

Paul asks…

When will all buildings be solar powered, and all cars will be fuel efficient?

When will all cities be futuristic like in Blade Runner? I think solar powered buildings are a step forward for that to happen. Also, solar powered/fuel efficient cars, it seems like the more they evolve, the more they look futuristic and cool. When will all of this be completed? When will the Blade Runner future come? Blade Runner was set in 2014, and thats only 3 years away?

ssadmin answers:

Just because something is possible and good does not mean that it will happen. Right now petroleum, coal, etc. Are cheaper and that is all people really care about. We probably won't change until our supply forces us to, it sucks but that is just how the economy works.

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