Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

Richard asks…

are solar powered cars really good?

are they really good? and how much r they? i just want 2 know because they r supposed 2 be good for the enviroment right?

ssadmin answers:

I don't think that there are any cars out right now that you can buy that run completely off solar power. Yes they are good for the environment but I don't think you can have one now. I'm glad to see that you care about the environment, usually when I try to say something about it someone says “F You.”

Helen asks…

How come solar powered cars aren't as popular if they can help save gasoline expenses?

ssadmin answers:

It's expensive to make and you can't run the car at night.

Robert asks…

What is the future of solar powered cars?


ssadmin answers:

As a partial use, maybe. I do not see a full solar powered vehicle in the next 15 years. Solar for helping charge hybrids and electrics yes, but not as a stand alone

Laura asks…

Do you think solar-powered cars are beneficial compared to a fuelled car?

ssadmin answers:

No. Anyone who lives in a cold climate with days of cloud will understand 2 things.
1. There isn't always sun when you want to drive.
And 2. Having a car heater is really nice when it's -20 outside. Solar cars might store power, but heating elements take up HUGE amounts of power, and we don't have a solution for an electric car of any kind that can run a heater and still drive a reasonable distance….yet.

Daniel asks…

when will solar cars replace gasoline powered cars as the main source of energy?

ssadmin answers:

Not anytime soon, if ever. We need to first develop better batteries to hold more charge, in a smaller volume/weight, then we need to develop better solar panels that could convert more of the sunlight into energy. It is a possibility though. The sun gives off a hell of a lot of energy, needless to say. Even the best solar cells absorb less than 20% of the energy in sunlight. If you want a number, probably not within the next 50-100 years. You might see a few introduced, but they wont be mainstream

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