Your Questions About Solar Powered Cars

Richard asks…

is it possible to create a wind/solar powered car?

i was just wondering, because a wind and solar cross seems useful (coming from someone who doesnt know cars) and i wondered if an engine could be made to run on the wind a car creates while driving, with solar to initate power. is it at all possible? please no overly technical explanations, thanks!

ssadmin answers:

It would that more power to operate the car than the wind would create.

A better choice would be an electric car, recharged by wind generator, or solar panels.

However there have been solar cars, but the solar panels were too big for the cars.

William asks…

How can I make a minin solar powered car?

I have a school project for E.T. and i need to know the materials, and procedure to make the mini solar powered car.

or is there any good websites that i can use to help me?

ssadmin answers:

Edmund Scientific has great components and kits to make many solar powered devices. Http://

John asks…

how do solar powered cars work?

ssadmin answers:

They run on batteries which are charged by solar collectors on the car and by regenerative brake systems.

Donald asks…

Would I be able to convert a Jeep Wrangler into a solar powered car?

I want to buy a very cheap old Jeep Wrangler and turn it into a solar powered car. It's the only car I've ever wanted but Jeep doesn't make hybrids. I would even settle for a hybrid. But I'm just wondering if I can take an existing car body and take everything out of it to make it into solar powered. Thanks.
I also heard about the air car. What's up with that? Or should we just ride bicycles and walk everywhere?

ssadmin answers:

Yes u could..however..the solar power panels and amount u would need would far outweigh what the solar ennergy would actualy move…u could run a belt off of 1 of the back wheels and make a chicken rotissorie

Laura asks…

HELP a struggling student on her science project !! solar and wind powered cars ?

are there any sources that you know of that can give me information on solar, wind, and electric cars?
any articles that explain why the electric can is not now in circulation
any articles explaining by solar cars are not on the streets
it would really help me on my science project
thanks for your time!!!!!!!!!

ssadmin answers:

As far as solar powered cars, if you cover the entire surface of the average car with solar cells you can get enough electricity to run a 3 horse power motor for the few hours a day that the sun is high in the sky. As long as there are no trees,buildings or clouds in the way.
The cells can charge the battery's while the car is parked though.
Wind powered cars are just plain unfeasible, they cant be made to work.
The chevy volt that their working on is supposed to go 40 miles on the fully charged battery's as long as you don't need a heater, windshield wipers or a radio. After 40 miles its a normal gasoline engined car.
In cold weather it wont go that far because cold reduces battery efficiency.
Keep in mind, electric cars that you plug into a socket to recharge, actually run on fossil fuel because most of our electricity is generated from natural gas & coal burning plants .

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