Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

David asks…

What Are the products available in market that make car cool when parked outside in sun?

I have heard about SOLAR Power fans are they really that beneficial that car remains cool for 5to6hours when parked outside and Are their Other Products also available.PLs! mention prices also.If you know.
IT becomes oven hot would that be overcomed by the product you mentioning

ssadmin answers:

The Solar fans will prevent the car from being hot, but will not cool it.

Lisa asks…

If I installed fans on top of a roof to blow across the tiles, would it make the house cooler.?

It's just an idea I have had, and wonder if it could help with cooling cost of a house, when fans are mounted on top to blow across the surface. They would be solar power fans.

ssadmin answers:

No. That would just waste energy. The tiles do not get much “Cooling” from the breeze. We feel cooler with a breeze because of the evaporation of our sweat. The roof tiles just see moving air at about the same temperature. Much better to use a very small amount of power to ventilate the attic space when the house is hot. Most heat transfer is a function of the temperature difference, and amount of insulating value between the hotter space and the cooler space.

Thomas asks…

is there any small solar power home fans for sale ?

i have no electricity
yeah there is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! expensive

ssadmin answers:

Not that I know of, but Caframo Fans makes a battery powered one that I have used for years and found excellent. Quite powerful for its size, batteries last a long time. MiniMax Deluxe Model 737.

Laura asks…

How to build a solar powered shed?

What components/setup would you recommend to power a shed in Las Vegas area? I plan to power a 32″ LCD TV, laptop computer, and small tools such as a soldering iron or a battery charger for power tools. (Not running power tools directly from the solar batteries).

I understand I will need an inverter, but what would size would be needed? How many batteries?

Most of what I need power for will be to charge batteries (cell phone, laptop, cordless drill) while running other things directly from the inverter (LCD TV, possibly Play Station 3, small desk fan).

-The A/C unit will run off the house grid so no factor there.

Last thing is, would you reccomend a small generator and how easy is that to add to you power setup?

ssadmin answers:

You would probably be better off connecting the shed and solar panels to the grid via a grid-tied inverter. You will be able to use state rebates which will significantly reduce the cost of the system. You can look up state rebates here:

You will need to use a licensed installer to install the system with the inverter, and they will help you size the system. It will be a lot easier than doing all the math yourself! Also, with a grid-tied system, you will not need to worry about using large appliances or tools, b/c the inverter will just draw from the grid when the load is more than the solar panels are producing.

With a grid-tied system, you can sell any excess electricity back to the grid, which will increase your return on investment. Plus, you will not need to spend any extra money on batteries or on a back up generator.

You can use google to find a contractor. Choose one that has lots of experience, that is close to your home, and that will give you an on-site consultation for free.

For more information on grid-tied systems, go here:

Mark asks…

wouldn't it be great if Sunny D factories were solar powered?

i'm no environmentalist, i'm just a fan of irony.

ssadmin answers:

Lol! Dude thats funny!

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