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Robert asks…

How many watts do I need for a laptop – and other solar power questions?

Hi there,
I'm trying to get a very basic understanding of solar power.

Can you tell me:
How many watts is required to run a laptop off power
And how many, roughly, to charge the laptop battery
how many for an mp3 player
a cell phone: simple -> smart range
a table lamp
a ceiling fan
a floor fan
a window a/c

Just want to get a feel for it!

Thank you in advance!

ssadmin answers:

Sounds like you need to use ohms law wats =amps x volts or volts = amps X resistance if you are still having trouble you can always call the manufacture and ask

Paul asks…

How to connect two deep cycle / car battery to inverter?( Solar project)?

I have a storage and want to power it w solar power and battery and connect them to inverter and power a 10 w light and a fan 25 w. Any idea or suggestions ?

ssadmin answers:

First off keep in mind that solar can be powerful enough to kill. It can shortout and over heat wires and cause a fire if not hooked up correctly. I have a small 810 watt solar array with 10,800 watts in battery power. It all runs through a 2000 watt inverter. Just to give you an idea of how much power that is there it will run a 5000 BTU A/C unit, My 32 inch TV set, a 13 inch tv in the dinning room, a desk top computer and the computer network and a couple of fans. All at the same time all day long. So these things put out a lot of power.. It is more like having a jar of dollars not pennies.

Go to this page and check out the how to for a grid tie or a grid tie with battery backup or even the off grid system how to's. And then read a lot more if you plan to do the install your self. Play it safe and learn what you are dealing with.


Lizzie asks…

How can I produce a 60-70 kilowatts electricity from solar power? if yes, how can I do it?

I want to use solar power to run my home appliances, lights, fans…. I want to produce a 60-70 kilowatts electricity power (per day) from solar power. How can I do it? What do I need to do it?

Please let me know step by step instructions, or details/links.


ssadmin answers:

First get out your calculator. Looking at a little panel (just under 9 inches square) at

this will give out 5 watts. For 60 kW, you will need 60000 / 5 = 12000 of these, covering an area of 6750 square feet or 750 square yards. Not many people have a roof that size facing the sun. Perhaps you mean 60 kilowatt-hours through the day. Then, of course, the sun is up for only part of the day, so you will have perhaps 8 hours to generate the daily requirement at 60000 / 8 = 7500 watt output, needing an area of only 840 square feet, still big but now manageable. You need to generate more than you need in the daytime to store some of the electricity for night-time use. The only practical form of storage is batteries. A big car battery is rated at 12V 100 ampere-hours, equivalent to 1.2 kWhr, so you will need about 40 of those for your evening and night consumption. After that you need an inverter, which turns the DC produced by the solar panels and stored by the batteries into AC mains voltage to power all your domestic equipment. The inverter is not 100% efficient and the sun is often obscured by cloud and rain, so you might start by doubling all these dimensions. This is going to be a very expensive exercise.

Ken asks…

How much will it cost to install a solar energy power to run a few appliances such as lights,tv,e-fans?

Also where I can inquire here in the Philippines (NCR) about the installation of Solar Power Energy?

ssadmin answers:

I would not bother… You will not get your money back on the savings……….

Helen asks…

anyone have a good source for the following item?

i'm trying to find a solar powered fan (panel and fan) similar to roof vent type.
i saw one in the home depot in washington DC for about 80 something but i can't find anything similar for under 230 which seems really steep

thanks in advance

ssadmin answers:

I have an attic fan and it really helps keep my a/c bill down. I already have solar panels, so I wasn't too worried about the solar aspect. They are usually over $200. I looked on Amazon for gable fan and found a less expensive model. The $80 one sounds more like a standard plug in one, that's about what I paid.

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