Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Steven asks…

Ever tried using computer fan motors to power your house?

I once read in a magazine that you could connect computer fan motors to an alternator to generate all the electricity for your house. The article said it was cost effective because the motors get up to 6000 rpm and it only takes a 12 volt solar panel to power one. What kind of alternator runs off such a small motor? Is this even practical or were they just blowing smoke? Thanks.

ssadmin answers:

Ie the computer fan motor as a prime mover to the alternator
i dont think that the computer fan motor has the capacity to drive the alternator even if it may generate some low power output which is not enough to provide the required supply for our home.

Paul asks…

What will it take to get people to go green like Indians do in there culture?

can heeters ,solor power, wind power, water cooler a c unites, recycle rain water, lava sand your yard, instead of lawn sprinklers, 500 watt solartube, instead of light bulbs, solar powered atic fans to cool the atic, ceiling fans to bring the warm air from the ceiling to the outside walls & to the floor, all avalable at your local home improvement store today.

ssadmin answers:

The difference in culture. The difference in technological advancements and they most important difference in the engine, which drives our society. The aboriginal Indian culture is deeply lined with spiritual values which stressed and inter-active and synergistic approach to life on this planet, this no longer exists in our society except for ideologues. Without an evolution of consciousness, I'm afraid people won't be going green soon.

Betty asks…

I want to power a fan while camping; my best bet seems to be deep cycle batteries. What should I do?

I've scoured the internet for hours and I've learned a lot about the subject researching solar and batteries. Solar seems to be too expensive for what I want to do. I just want to run a box fan for 72 hours or so. I am not great with electrical stuff so I don't know how much power this will take or how many batteries; can someone help?

ssadmin answers:

Computer style muffin fans do not draw a lot of current and product a lot of air. Just make sure they are 12v and not 5v.

Donald asks…

Any creative engineering projects?

I need a small engineering project for my Design Engineering Class. I would like it to be creative and need some good ideas. Any ideas would be appreciated. I am pondering on Solar Power Fan or such. Thanks a head of time. Any kind of ideas would be awesome. It is a semester long project but i don't want it to be too expensive.

ssadmin answers:

First off, are you in a group for this assignment?
I built sort of a mechanical arm. It started at the elbow, forearm and palm up.
We connected hypodermic syringes full of water with some IV tubing extending off the ends to the “elbow” end of the arm. When we pushed on a syringe, the water would flow out into the tube and cause whatever part of the hand the tubing was attached to, to move. We actually did get the fingers to move, although they were not able to perform nearly as much as we thought they would.

I really wanted to make the hand motorized, but we tried some real engineering, although you could make some kind of motorized pushing object to displace the water in the tubing by way of remote control. I was thinking that the motor parts did not carry our theme of hydraulics. I would have added that if I had the time.

What discipline of engineering are you studying?

I also considered constructing a bamboo bicycle. I did construct a cube for children to put together. Basically it was a wooden cube (3*3*3). It consisted of 27 cubes 2/3″ each. My cube had 6 separate pieces, all 3D. By that, I mean the pieces were not flat. If you put them on a flat surface, they would not lay flat. The cubes extruded out at all angles. I painted it, detailed each piece in the engineering drawings, specified materials, and provided an exploded view.

Just a few ideas. I hope you do well on your project.

James asks…

What are the products AVAILABLE IN MARKET THAT MAKE Car cool when parked in hot SUN!?

I have heard about SOLAR Power fans are they really that beneficial that car remains cool for 5to6hours when parked outside and Are their Other Products also available.PLs! mention prices also.If you know.
6 minutes ago – 3 days left to answer.IT becomes oven hot would that be overcomed by the product you mentioning

ssadmin answers:

A Garage..

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