Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Steven asks…

How do I become someone's fan?

More importantly, how do you become my fan? And does being someone's fan work like a subscription on YouTube? YouTube! That's an even better way to kill time! Let's all go to YouTube!
“yeah let's”
“that's a great idea”
“much better than a solar powered torch”
“that was on eBay”
“let's go there next!”
“hey guys, maybes we should stop talking seeing as we don't exist”

ssadmin answers:

When I become your contact, I'm your fan. To become your fan, I would need to hover over your avatar and click “Add to my Contacts”. Do the same to become someone elses fan. You make a contact, and you are their fan.

Ruth asks…

What is the most efficient way of powering your home? Do you use solar power, wind turbine, coal?

fire, gas, electric, wood fire, ice blocks and a fan? What works for you, how green is it and why it works for you? Anyone have any additional costs associated with installing or using these options? Any installation professional, or self? What would you say are pros and cons to alternative power sources? What do you think is the cheapest, easiest way to power a home? Would like to hear from folks who have added alternative power sources to their homes and hear your experiences.

ssadmin answers:

I have just answered a Q. Similar to this,My G/Fs small holding has no mains, water, sewage,gas or electricity we have a genny that runs the washing machine, T.V & charges a large battery pack we have bottled gas for cooking & heating filtered rain water for showering & washing clothes, a composting toilet, all waste water is collected to water the veggys, when we've finished our waste ‘gulper' we should be able to produce our own gas, the genny runs on bio fuel which we produce & the back up petrol genny runs on methenol, which we also produce, we dont pay any utility bills, how cheap do you want to run? You can only watch T.V for a couple of hours a night, but we've got all mod cons!

Donna asks…

Powering an inline fan, outdoors, remote location?

I want to run an inline fan…?
I need to take a tupperwear bin, install an inline fan, and run it outside. How can i power the inline fan, probably 110 volts, outside… without plugging it into a house current?

It needs to be basically portable, and hidden. I'm thinking something like batteries or solar power. I can't plug anything into wall outlets or car outlets or anything like that.

ssadmin answers:

If you need 110AC to run a fan you can use a 12 volt battery and an inverter, {buy them at Radioshack}, of the appropriate wattage.

Thomas asks…

where can I buy affordable home Solar power?

I intend to buy 200-200watt solar power to take to a remote part of Asia.l hope to use it for 3 months to power our Laptop, TV, Microwave, Mobile phones, printer, Lighting, Fan etc.
Does anyone know where I can buy?Thanks

ssadmin answers:

Something sounds wrong. It's a remote area, yet you will have mobile phones, internet connection, and TV? If it's a place that has this kind of thing, it probably has grid power. If not, you should look into buying a gas-powered generator when you get there.

Portable solar power, the kind that's really useful, is not cheap, and I noticed that your question has the word, “affordable.” A system that puts out 200 watts is not hard to find, but the kind of run time you will get powering a small TV is maybe 20 minutes, powering a laptop, maybe half an hour. And then, it would take 7-10 sunny days to charge itself up again. Such a system has no chance of powering most microwave ovens. That's what you get for $500. You would scale up if you want more runtime.

If you buy a rigid solar panel of 200W when you get there, you could use it to charge two car batteries, and run an inverter off those. That would give you several hours of runtime, but would not be portable at all. I would expect to spend $2000 on such a setup, and donate it to my host when I left.

The best advice I can give you may be to live as the natives do. That will make your experience richer, anyway. If they use kerosene lamps, or open fire, then do your work by that light. If they cook in an underground pit, or with a solar oven, or eat most of their food raw, you do that, too. All of the appliances you list sound unnecessary, except possibly the laptop, and only if it's used to control or automatically gather data from some equipment. To take notes, there's always pen and paper.

Jenny asks…

What is most potent type of solar panel inch for inch to power things directly without a battery in da circuit?

I'll have about an 8ft x 4ft space to power a fan, lights and a netbook. Thanks for reading.

ssadmin answers:

Monocrystalline panels are the most power per square foot.

But you really need a battery in the middle. The voltage output of the panel will change with load, and that will ruin your devices.

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