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Linda asks…

Initial Setup Cost for solar power in India?

I live in Chennai and I would like to know whether anybody has setup solar power solutions in their homes – for lightning, fans, cooking. What is the initial setup cost? What would be the running/maint. cost? Any reliable vendors who provide this in Chennai?

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ssadmin answers:

Http:// contact us and we will tell you to the dollar your cost.thanks tommy

John asks…

What size solar panel should I use to continuously charge my 12v battery that powers lights fans etc.?

I need to know what kind, size of solar panel i should use to keep a charge on my 12v battery that supplies power to my box stand. I am running a cpl of lights and a heater. possibly a few other items. Any suggestions on a setup?

ssadmin answers:

You need to do research. First find out how much power your items are going to be drawing. Next, you have to research a bit on solar cells. What you are mostly interested in is efficiency and the surface area you are going to be able to cover with them. You will use this information in conjunction with the amount of time you believe your solar cells with be exposed to the sun and the amount of energy the sun will provide to that surface area to determine the efficiency of the solar panel you need. There's more to it, but since you are asking for help on yahoo, that should do.

Nancy asks…

How good is Solar Power Invertor ?

I plan to have a Solar Pannel Cells linked to Solar Power Inverter for converting DC to AC. My requirement is about 500Watts to 750 Watts , 220 volts AC current.
This be used to light fans, and lights during the day time inside my home.
Sunshine is no problem, at my location its more than abundant ( Lahore, Pakistan ).
Anyone have any idea of its cost ? And suppliers from China / Singapore / Dubai ?

ssadmin answers:

Good place to search is in homepower and solar today magazines both have frequent reviews on inverters and both also are online. I have heard nothing but good things about sunnyboy brand.

Donna asks…

Is solar power an answer to my high electric bill?

I live in the state with the highest electricity cost (.24 per kWh). Last month I turned the electric hot water heater temperature down down, bought a new energy efficient clothes washer, I didn't use my clothes dryer, I have a gas stove, I don't have air conditioning, and I didn't run any fans in the house. I just received my bill. It is over $250.00 again! Could a solar electric system really help save me money?

ssadmin answers:

The initial hit to the pocket book is still staggering but is going down. Eventually it will pay for itself. Tv's computers use alot of electric if left on all the time. As well as all the lights on in the house hope this info helps you :0)

Ken asks…

Ever heard of Auto Cool?

Has anyone tried, purchased, seen, or otherwise heard of the AutoCool? Apparently its a solar powered fan that you can put in the window crack of your car and it will keep it cool. However I am skeptical as to whether or not it really works, so I just wonder if anyone knows anything about it.

ssadmin answers:

A tv station tested it. Here's the site. Http://

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