Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

William asks…

Would rooftop solar panels provide enough power to run ceiling fans and lamps?

I'm hoping to install rooftop panels over the next five years, curious how much output they have. I live in San Antonio, TX so there is never a lack of sunshine to provide.

ssadmin answers:

Sure. You can get solar panels to run part or all of your household needs. How much depends on your budget. Are you looking to take these devices off the electric grid and just run them off batteries through an inverter, or do you just want to create enough electricity to offset what they use, and keep them connected to the electric grid with the rest of the household appliances?

It may be helpful to you to go to the calculators here to determine how many solar panels you need to install to power your requirements. Http:// I strongly recommend if you are trying to power lamps, that they have either CFL or LED bulbs in them, not the energy hog incandescent ones.

Sharon asks…

how expensive is it to run any kind of fan?

ceiling fans in particular, with summer on its way in a couple of months im thinking of preparing for a boiling heatwave

HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST TO RUN A FAN FOR 8 HOURS? sorry for caps just making my question clear as day… so i noticed solar power hasn't been integrated into fan technology much, thats a real shame!

ssadmin answers:

Hi It just depends on the motor size, but on average the running costs are about the same as a light bulb about 12cents an hour.
Bob a job

Susan asks…

What wattage of a solar panel will I need to power a 16 foot rv?

1 ceiling fan=12v
4 lights=12v x 4 = 48v
2 fans=12v x2=24v
1 fridge=12v
6 outlets=110v x6=660v

40 watts good?
And what kind of battery?

ssadmin answers:

You missed a very important piece of info, how long will each of these be on? You need to multiply the watts x the number of hours they are on to determine the watt hours. You also have to figure out what will be plugged into the outlets, and how much power they use. There's a calculator to help you figure this out at

40W won't even begin to cover the power requirements, especially since you have an electric fridge instead of a propane one. You'll probably need at least 10x that. Sealed AGM 12V batteries are generally needed, again, you'd need to calculate your loads to determine how big of a battery bank, probably somewhere around 400ah (again, just a guess based on your list, you'd need to determine how long they are on). Here's a 200ah, you would combine them in parallel to increase the amphours. Http://

John asks…

What type of car should I buy?

I'm looking for a new car that addresses the problems with my current car:

– Some type of anti-roll, active stabilization suspension
– A solar powered fan in the sunroof that cools the car when it is sitting in the sun (the Florida
summers are hot)
– Windshield wipers that turn on automatically when it rains
– The ability to pass up a Honda Accord V6 or Altima SE Coupe
– An iPod connector that charges my iPhone/iPod, allows me to control it from the steering wheel, and take calls from the car

Any suggestions on car models that can do all of the above? Thanks!

ssadmin answers:


James asks…

How do I keep portable power for small appliances for long durations on the move?

If I'm living in my car down south and I need constant power for a fan, fridge, tv, recharging things, etc… what do I need and how much does it cost? Do those solar power panels work? Can you place them on the roof lying under the blazing sun? And then I can plug my applicances in? How much do I need to spend on those? Or will it not work? I don't know. Help me out. No smart alic comments, only answers. Thanx.

ssadmin answers:

To power those kind of appliences that draw that kind of power you need a kickass power inverter, i would say 4000watts or more and they are not cheap and you will need alot af battery power to keep them going
you can also use a gas generator but they are noisy
you can go to an rv dealer and talk to them as thats what they do

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