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Sharon asks…

Can I power lights with solar power from windowsill?

So I have some plants I grow in my window sill and I have pet birds. Would it be possible to generate enough energy in my windowsill to run a few computer fans for 10 minutes a day and 2 fluorescent light strips for 3-4 hours a day? The window is south facing so I have plenty of light. How would I go about doing this? It can't be an eyesore so it would need to lie flat.

ssadmin answers:

You can replace flourscent lamps with mirrors if you can place it in right places. You can really use fiber optics as a cord to transmit light from a solar collector to a lamp without need for any electricity.. Just direct sunlight going through fiber optic cable. Japan actually use for their underground shopping malls . What we have here is called solar tubes which is rather cumbersome that you have to cut a hole through the roof and ceiling to place an aluminium tube between .. It works but hey, fiber optic is better and less invasive… Why manufacutrers still hasnt come with fiber optic lamps , I will never know why ! Americans are not too keen about solar energy except photovoltaics, that is it.. Solar energy can come in many different flavors and designs but we dont bother to… We are probably protecting obscelent industries..I would advise against buying any photovoltaic panels because they are still too expensive… I think they will reduce prices a further 50-80% before too long due to excess capacity .. Once there, You can buy a bigger panel to power your flourscent lamps and fans … On the cheap.. Hardware stores are selling solar attic fans which sounds good to me until I check the specifications and learn that solar attic fans blow one tenth as much air as tradtional plug in attic fans and cost 20 times more in comparison.. People are just tryin gto drain our govenrment funds with tax credits for solar energy installations on rooftops.. Protect Social Security and Medicare from those solar con artists.. Solar energy is still here to stay but with totally different designs … Solar is powerful if you can get close to 100% efficiency which is not in today's solar panels . They are only 15% efficient with 85% missing the panel unused. I would choose a mirror over a photovoltaic panel anyday.. I can connect mirror to a fiber optic collector and emitter system. You will get a bright lamp for a fraction of the cost.. Than to convert sunlgiht into electriicy then back to flourscent light.. Which is utter nonsense!

Daniel asks…

Where can one buy solar panels in India?

I would like to know from where I can buy a suitable solar cell(panel) which can provide a few watts of power to run a fan and a light.May be directly run a fan at day time.And do some small lighting of about 10 watts for 4 to 6 hours at night.

ssadmin answers:

You can get it from any hardware store

Maria asks…

How do I keep my 97 Camaro cool in the summer?

I have a 97 Camaro that gets blisteringly hot if i leave it in the sunlight the seat belt actually burns a little when you touch it. It has a t-top so if i don't have anything in the car then that works perfect but if I have anything inside or think its gonna rain then that won't work. vent visors won't work because of the t-top. maybe a little window fan would work but not that solar powered one I heard thats crap. any ideas?

ssadmin answers:

I have a 94 t-top camaro. I bought a car cover and a little square fan and extention cord for just that reason. It gets incredibly hot and humid here and even tho that didn't keep it cool, it did give me some relief. Also try and park it in a position to where the sun doesnt shine directly in the windshield. If that isnt possible then let the sun hit the windshield in the mornin and not after noon. It actually makes a difference!

Lizzie asks…

Mars Rovers – Why didn't they include a fan/wiper for Solar Panels?

NASA always keeps mentioning that, although their incredible Mars Rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) are still functioning after 4+ years on Mars surface, they will eventually sercombe to dust, whereby the dust will cover their solar panels, preventing the rovers from generating enough power to function….so my question is, why didn't NASA just include a device to blow off this dust or have some kind of windshield-wiper device?

ssadmin answers:

Adding a wiper device to clean the solar panels adds weight and power requirements. Since the power of the launch vehicle and the power generated by the solar panels is strictly limited, the cost of adding wipers would be the loss of at least one scientific instrument. The rovers were designed with a planned lifetime of three months, in which time the dust on the panels would not be a problem: certainly not worth sacrificing any scientific instrumentation for . Everything they have given us beyond those planned three months is a bonus.

Donald asks…

Price of solar power supply for home appliance?

i want to install solar panel for my home appliance such as 3 energy saving light, 3 siling fan, 1 tv and a refrigerator……how may it cost me……?

ssadmin answers:

More than your home is worth,
people have no idea on the cost of solar power,
it takes a large bank of batteries,[and a room for them ] a large inverter, [changes the dc to ac]
wiring, switches and solar panels [1 – 400 watt panel is around $300 ]
to power a home you need 400 of them
its cheaper to get a generator,

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