Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Sharon asks…

I built a small solar powered fan that worked well. I would like to increase the size of the fan.?

The motor I used is a small DC motor and the fan was only 3″. I need to increase the size of the motor to drive a 11″ fan. Not sure what size motor to use or how to figure it out or where I could purchase one.

ssadmin answers:

Essentially you are building a new one, first a larger fan, then a larger motor, then a larger solar array.

So keep the old one and buy or build a new one. You can buy plenty of motors online. Pick the voltage you will use for the solar array, say 6 volts, then look for a 6 volt motor. Check it's current requirements, and get enough solar panels to supply that current.


Mark asks…

which branch of science does a solar powered fan fall under?


ssadmin answers:

Hmm….. Thermodynamics, electrical engineering

John asks…

Has anyone invented a solar powered fan yet?

And if so, where can i buy one?

ssadmin answers:

Of course, they are in most toyshops, but try the CAT centre for a huge range of solar stuff (Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales)

Richard asks…

Where to buy a mini solar-powered fan?

It needs to be small, AND IT MUST BE SOLAR POWERED.

This is for a science project and I really need it before Monday!!!!!!!! any ideas!??????????????

ssadmin answers:

Do you have a Museum of Science near you?

Thomas asks…

Looking for a solar powered clip on stroller fan for baby.?

We live in Arizona and it's just too hot for the baby to be in the stroller some days. A fan would fix it perfect. And since it's so sunny here a solar powered one would work great. I can only find battery powered ones.

ssadmin answers:

Ebay is a WONDERFUL place- I actually had one in my ‘watched items' list because I'm planning to buy one too!
We've just entered winter here so there is no great hurry, and I've purchased from this seller before so I can attest for them being honest!

The price is in Australian dollars- it's cheaper in USD
EDIT- oops, that's pounds- I must have put the one for british buyers in my watchlist!

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