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Sandra asks…

Its a bit crazy but.. has this been done?

I have an idea to create a hover-board using solar panels & aluminum & 2 solar powered fans if that's possible. What do you think and where can i buy this stuff. Has this been done before?? It'll be able to levitate or hover at least a foot of the ground. Possible or not answer those questions or a few of them and you get 10 points
ok i got the idea from the book im reading the first designed would be for me which would be under 100 pounds as my life goes on i'll be modifying it and maybe with enough like fame or something i could get scientists to help i am only 13 right now so yes it would be carrying a 90 pound girl.
ok can i have more info on the battery charger solar thingy and would aluminum be light enough and of course to answer some of the questions these would take mad skills to be practiced in soft areas at first if i ever manufacture it it would be for like 13 yr olds and over.
ok can i have more info on the battery charger solar thingy and would aluminum be light enough and of course to answer some of the questions these would take mad skills to be practiced in soft areas at first if i ever manufacture it it would be for like 13 yr olds and over.

ssadmin answers:

Its not crazy
you cant do this with a solar panel and batteries that powerful are too heavy
if its just for fun you can do it by using three or four blower fans blowing air into a flat sheet of aluminium each fan would be around 550 watts
use supply from mains
i saw this in an exhibition and it could lift a man standing on it

and you need not lift 1 feet it just lifted around 1 inch from the ground

first build this and perfect this and make it compact and stable

you got to experiment a lot and learn a lot more you are 13 now so start right now and some day you willl make it true

Michael asks…

Will this solar power plan work? Is there any better way to do? is this the right way to use battery?

This is for my Solar Powered Exhaust Project… its going to be my first one.

I have a used aux fan from mercedes. the motor is rated for 12V 8A. I purchased 20w solar panel of 17v 1.2A. Actually I want turn the fan as long as possibly i can…. but since the wattage of the motor is too large for the panel, it needs a kick start amperage that the panel just not capable to supply.

To overcome this problem, i bought a 7Ah battery, charge control, and a DC timer. So, i will i set the timer off to let panel charge the battery every day from 8am till 2pm, At 2 pm the battery will give a kick start to the motor to move the fan. from that time the fan will be driven by both the battery and the panel directly. the fan will move fast at the beginning until the battery is empty and slower until the dusk.
Does this make sense??
Any other way??
Is this a bad way of using battery??

ssadmin answers:

The battery you bought – is it sealed lead acid? It's not going to last long if you let the fan drain it flat every day. NiMH you can use in such a manner, though. As long as you have the proper charger.

Ken asks…

i am building a pond/waterfall in my backyard. i want to use use solar power for my power source.?

i would like the following to run off of the solar power:

1) automatic lighting (dusk to dawn)
2) waterfall pump (switch)
3) possibly a ceiling fan

ssadmin answers:

Solar powered pond pumps are not yet perfected. Often they work for a very short time and more times, they do not work at all. Run your pump off a 12 volt battery or regular electricity.

Maria asks…

I want to run my house fully on solar power including AC's?

6 indoor lights + 4 outdoor lights + 3 Fans + PC + Printer + TV +Wataer Pump + Wataer Heater.

ssadmin answers:

You need to do a loads list that lists how many watts each of those components draw, and for how many hours a day. You also need to consider if any of them run on 220V instead of 110V (in the US), often the water heater and pump are 220V. You can do that on this calculator, Once you know how many watt hours you need a day, you can enter it in the off-grid calculator at

Alternately, if you are buying electricity from the electric grid now, you can look at your electric bill and see how many kilowatt hours (kwh) a month you use, and divide it by 30 days to see how much you use a day. Then enter that number in the off-grid calculator.

If you do have access to the electric grid, it doesn't make sense to disconnect from the grid, it is less expensive to continue with them, sell them any extra you make and buy back any more that you need. You would use them as your battery bank.

Also, and most importantly, instead of using solar electric to heat your water, you should get solar water heating instead of using electricity to heat it. It's much more efficient and less expensive. You should also be using CFL or LED lights instead of regular incandescent lights. It'll save you a fortune.

Mary asks…

price of solar power supply for home appliance?

i want to install solar panel for my home appliance such as 3 energy saving light, 3 siling fan, 1 tv and a refrigerator……how may it cost me……?

ssadmin answers:

You probably need to do an engineering study to find out if it would be cost effective. Do you plan on maintaining your connection to the power grid so that you have power during the night? If so, then:

Your refrigerator and lights and fans will draw about 2,5 kw maximum total if they are all on at the same time. A solar system that will generate enough power to net you a $zero electric bill would have to be about 6kw-10kw. During the day, your solar system would power your appliances and generate enough additional power to put back onto the grid, netting a power surplus. Then during low light and night times, your appliances would be drawing power back from the grid at which time you would be drawing on that surplus.

You could probably get by with about a 3kw system if you want to reduce your electric bill, not eliminate it. But which ever route you choose, the payback period may be close to 10-12 years. If it costs your $10,000 and you save $75 per month on your electric bill, the payback period will be 133 months (about 11.3 years). The monthly savings on your electric bill would be going toward paying for the system for the next 11 years. A 3kw system may cost less than $10k.

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