Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Michael asks…

Solar powering of airconditioners is it feasable?

I want to use solar power to make my air conditioner work during powercuts(1.5 tn ,make-LG). How much do I have to spend for initial setup? And how much maintenance do these sort of things require? Need to know the cost of initial setup of alternate solar powered backup to run tube lights(2) & fans(2).

ssadmin answers:

For the price of the solar panel and geno are = of having 4 generators run by diesel oil or organic oil. 😛

Lizzie asks…

anyone know howto make a solar panel big enough to power my computer a light and my cell phone?

and possibly a window fan. I want to make one for every room in the house. I might as well use the energy for free.. I dont want the money back… ‘The reverse meter gag' I just want to be able to live more green

ssadmin answers:

You might well study up on solar power. The subject is a bit more complicated than just providing a solar panel.

I suggest you take a look at “solar panel' in the green search box above on this page, and on the Internet. This should prepare to ask more questions.

Let me assure you that you would have to be ready to spend thousands of dollars.

Ken asks…

Japanese Toy Fan?

I am doing a research regarding to non-animation Japanese toys (e.g. dolls/die-cast/remote-controlled cars/solar powered goods/life-style goods) and character accessories (e.g. Hello Kitty/Pokemon..etc) . If you are a fan of Japanese toys and accessories with figure/character…please help to provide some information…thank you!! 🙂

1. age
2. city/states that you live in
3. ethnicity
4. where do you usually buy Japanese toys
5. what are your favorites
6. comments to Japanese toy market in U.S.

ssadmin answers:

I like Takara “Licca” and “Jenny” and friends dolls and Volks ball-joint dolls. Volks has a US website now. Takara is available on ebay or from various online vendors–google. I am a white Southern adult female collector with an art background; I have customized and sold fashion dolls. Japanese products are more creative and better quality than most of US products, although some of Barbie is okay. I also like the funky Japanese street style better than US teen styles on fashion dolls.

Mary asks…

Are auto window fans worth purchasing?

Do solar powered auto window mounted fans do a reasonable job to lower the car's interior temperature. I realize it will never be cool, but does it make it tolerable to enter the car on a hot sunny day. Does anyone out there have one of these?

ssadmin answers:


maybe if you had 4 of them they might help a little but buying a dashboard reflector or shade and leaving a small crack in your windows is best.

Try parking in the shade or near a building that will be in the shade at the end of the day.

They just don't move enough air to make a big difference.

George asks…

bathroom extractor fan idea?

I have a solar powered shed and i have a large battery bank of 10x220ah deep cycle battery's and they give off a lot of gas when charging so could i cut a hole in the wall and put a bathroom extractor fan from the cupboard to the outside the cupboard is next to the wall but the only problem is i have is won't the rain get in the hole and into the fan because there is only15cm Between the fan and the outside so water could easily get in the fan.what could i do to stop the rain blowing in on a windy day

this is the fan i had in mind

ssadmin answers:

Since you've mentioned that you are already into solar power, how about something that is ALSO solar powered. Check the link. I'm sure it's adaptable for wall mount as well as roof mount.

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