Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Paul asks…

How To & Cost to Convert a Van to a Living Space?

Please give a cost Estimate for the following mods…

A SAFE heatsource for the coldest nights (I wouldn't run it all night, just enough to help me sleep) I'm hyper scared of possible fires.
Any capentry stuff for a bed frame w/ a storage chest underneath.
A solar powered cooling fan.
A “bathroom” in case of nature calls at night..Otherwise I'd use public or friends ones.
For showers I'd get a gym membership
Some sort of power source to run a laptop & small TV (not nec. but nice)
I'd usually park in a friends property, or whatever campground catches my interest, offering food or chores as a token of appreciation.
The appeal is being able to see different parts of US on a whim without leases & noisey neighbors 🙂

ssadmin answers:

The heat source is the most difficult problem to solve. Unless you have access to electricity. I wouldn't run anything with an open flame like propane in something with a gas tank, so the only other solution is to run the engine, which would be very expensive and you could risk carbon monoxide poisoning. A power source for a laptop is easy, they have solar chargers and you could charge it off the lighter when the engine is on. You can get small chemical toilets at camping supply stores.

Linda asks…

You think an old cooler, an old fan motor and an old window?

all hooked together would make a solar powered fridge? I need something I can take to the woods to keep my beers cold…

ssadmin answers:

This should work:

Daniel asks…

How many watts of DC are required to power standard home 110V-120V AC appliances?

I would like to use a solar panel to power a standard box fan, with the use of an inverter.

ssadmin answers:

Watts are watts (AC or DC) and can be calculated using the standard formula (volts * amps = watts). There will be some loss through the inverter though, figure ~10% unless you have the actual rating.

Mandy asks…

how many solar panels do i need to power a small house?

im only powering lights and fans

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels produce DC (12v, 24v, 48v, etc) voltage. You will need to invert the solar power to AC. The amount of panels is determined on the amount of Watt Hours of electrical load you will be using. If you want to run these loads after the sun goes gown then you will have to store your solar generated power into batteries.
I have a completely off grid home, 2000 watts solar, propane heat, H20, refrigerator, and generator. Total electrical system cost about $50,000. 1000 square foot home, facing do south.
Hope this is helpfull.

Lizzie asks…

What are some devices that can be ran off solar panels in the home using batteries?

Some things I found out that work are?

Door bells, eliminating a power packs.

12v fans used to boost registers to a furnace.

12v LED lighting.

Cordless telephones.


12v TV's

Battery chargers

Cell phone chargers

Any other suggestions would be great, what else would work? I need to cut back on energy.

ssadmin answers:

Anything can be run off of solar, it just depends on how big your panels are and how long you want to run them etc. A small panel that costs $150 might run a TV. Solar is great as a back up or charging system. I want to get one of those solar car batt chargers to keep your batt charged always.

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