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Sharon asks…

How many Megawatts of power does the Space Shuttle produce each second during flight?

I know there are also pounds and newtons etc. involved and that the Space Shuttle releases most of it`s power during the first 2 minutes that includes the solid rocket boosters. But as a fan of Solar power i would like to know how many Megawatts of power would be needed to propel the Space Shuttle from start to finish(space) if it where powered by a large solar installation? Thank you!
Also i understand electric power can not propel a spacecraft without using propellant. I would just like to know the numbers involved. How many Megawatts of power does the liquid oxygen and hydrogen represent? If anyone has this knowledge please share. Thank you!

ssadmin answers:

First you have to get the terminology correct. Power per second is a meaningless concept as power is already energy per second.

What you want is the power it produces, OR the energy per second (same thing).

Total power on takeoff is about 12 GW, or 12000 MW. When the booster rockets burn out, this reduces to 2 GW from the main engines.

These rockets do NOT use liquid oxygen and hydrogen, that was the Saturn V used in Apollo moon shots.

Edit, correction, the main engines DO use liquid oxygen and hydrogen, the boosters use a solid fuel


Linda asks…

Is there a book that describes how to make electric generators, solar, wind power from house hold items?

I want a book that has some different designs for making electric generators from things like old exercise bikes, fan blades for wind power, low cost solar panels, or any other kind of alternative energy that is easily produced from the home, and with recycled or low cost materials. How to store the energy would also be a plus. All I can seem to find are book specifically for one type of alternative power(i.e. just solar, or just wind). I'm hoping there is something out there that is more like what I have described.
Well I was more hoping just for a book that shows simple electrical hook ups to say turn an old exercise bike into a generator of sorts. Things like that. I assumed old fans, and such wouldn't produce very much energy, but If I use an exercise bike for an hour every day anyway I thought it would be cool to harness, store, and use some of that power to watch TV while im on the bike, or turn a radio on for a few hours or something along those lines. Just like those new crank radios.

ssadmin answers:

There is a list of nice pages were you can find something like how to make your own solar panels and your own wind generator how to recondition batteries and something more

I hope that this will helps you

Helen asks…

Solar Powered Fan, brand, where to buy?

My dad loves fans so for his birthday i want to get him a solar powered fan. Bi-mart has a usb one which is my backup plan, but I would be the best daughter ever if I found one.

so recommendations on brands?

ssadmin answers:

I have one that fits in the car window.
When light hits it the solar cells power a fan to keep the car cooler.

I got a solar powered pith helmet as a white elephant gift. It ended up be very useful on a hike in the heat.

The attic fan lowers power bills.

Daniel asks…

tree house ventilation?

i made a small tree house about 4ft wide by 8 ft long and 8 ft high. it has two small vents on two sides of the tree house near the top of the roof. vents are about 8″x3″. it get hot in there during the day and i'm wanting to make a solar powered exhaust vent are a solar powered fan to let air in. what one would help keep the tree house coolest?

ssadmin answers:

I would install one of the vent fans made for an attic that is not powered the heat from inside and wind move the fan helping suck the heat out

William asks…

Cost for Solar panels for a four room house?

We've four rooms and a bathroom. We've a 1.5hp motor, a mixie, fridge, washing machine, TV, 3 fans, one 1.5ton AC etc and lightings for the four plus one rooms. How much would it cost us to install Solar Panels in Indian conditions. Also wanna know about the power rating of solar panels and storage battery for the above mentioned house. What should be the power of them ?

ssadmin answers:

It depends on efficiency, location and size. It can be expensive but it worths the price and anyway alternative and renewable energy sources are the future so go for it!

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