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Chris asks…

Is Removing the peak gable end studs safe?

I want to install 2 solar powered gable vents but they both have a stud right in the middle of the existing vent. I am just apprehensive about cutting those studs. I intend on framing out the fan with 2 x 4s and putting that in the area where I cut away the existing stud. I just would like some help on weather that is safe or not.

Thanks in advance

ssadmin answers:

It depends on what type of construction you are speaking of.

If this is a traditional, “stick-framed” roof, with rafters and a ridge board, the gable rafters are really there for something to nail sheathing to. A double 2×4 header across the top, a sill board below, supported by a single jack stud at each end should be all you need.

If the design of the roof requires a “Ridge Beam” to support the roof load, then definitely DO NOT cut the ridge-post without consulting an architect or structural engineer.

If you have a truss framed roof, the International Residential Code, and all other “model Codes”, forbid modifying ANY pre-engineered or pre-manufactured truss.

When in doubt, consult a Design Professional, or contact your local Building Department.

Steven asks…

I want to produce electricity in home to power the Fan (70W)?

I want to produce elctricity in home in other words you can say that i want to build solar anels in home if some one know the method kindly help me
I want to mae solar panels in home

ssadmin answers:

Well you could probably separate the electrolytes from an energy drink and fuse it with (well this will sound stupid) pee.

Daniel asks…

Solar Power Question?

I want to power my out building with all to find out what I need to run it is what i need to know, is it the more Batteries I have ,the more ready power I will have or is it the panels,its just a little work buildinf ,fan ,fridge tv, tools ect

ssadmin answers:

Go to an off-grid calculator like this,, and enter all of the items you want to power. This will tell you how many batteries and panels you need. If you can't figure out how much power something uses, you can measure it with a Kill-a-watt meter,

John asks…

What are the odd of this electrical configuration working?

A solar panel powering an electric motor from a fan which has a pulley spinning a generator from a wind turbine passing it through a converter and into the grid. Would that work? I haven't seen it done an seems to be cheaper that buying a whole set of solar panels or even the wind turbine because all you need is the generator. But I'm no electrician so I think there might be a reason why I haven't seen it done.
I was just loking into buying a wind turbine but I came to know in the research that this zone is not a windy zone although I disagree. So I was thinking well what if I use a solar fan to generate a constant breeze into the windmill, would that work? That would mean only one solar panel a fan and a windmill. Cheaper than filling my roof with soalr panels at a $50000 cost.

ssadmin answers:

It could work, if I understand you correctly.

But what is the reason for all the complication?

Solar panel can power an electric motor, which can spin a generator which will generate electricity, but the solar panel will do that directly.

What purpose is the fan? To drive the wind turbine? That won't work. Actually it will work, but with a huge loss in power, so there is no advantage doing this.

If you think that all this complication will result in power generated from nowhere, you are wrong, that is not possible.

Re your additional details:

No, that will not work.

For example, a solar cell generating 100 watts will deliver 90 watts of mechanical energy to the fan. If the fan is tightly coupled to the turbine, you may get 50%, ie, 45 watts delivered to the wind turbine, of which 40 watts will be output as electrical energy. At best, more likely about 10 watts.

So you use 100 watts to get 40 watts, not very useful.


Nancy asks…

what is the minimum cost of solar plates for domestic use?

i want to use solar plates for house hold purpose which can give power for 3 tube lights,2 fans.1 tv,1 refregirator. please tell me the price range

ssadmin answers:

So, we have talked about solar power energy for a quite often now. But honestly speaking, it is not cheap to construct or set up a system like this. The cost of implementing these solar systems professionally and get them installed may reach up to 3000$.
It mat vary as per requirement.

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