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Ruth asks…

I have a question about a product I saw on an infomercial. Help me out!?

Ok, I saw this product and I forgot the name of it but it's a little gadget that you put in your car window. It's solar powered and the sunlight powers a little fan inside this gizmo that supposedly keeps your car a nice 70-something degrees cool in the summertime. Can someone give me the name of this product and/or a website I can find it at? Thanks a bunch! I didn't know where to put this question because there's no category about consumer products or anything so I put it here.

ssadmin answers:

Auto Cool 🙂

Chris asks…

which one is more efficient for improving air circulation and better for battery life?

i have my first solar project going on now. i am using solar power exhaust fan to cool our tropical room. it is running smooth at the moment. configuration is:
-20W solar panel
-12v, 18ah battery
-charge and timer control
-used mercedes aux fan (100W)

i found out that i can power my fan 1 hour perday even in shady days.
my question is, from the thermodynamic point of view, is it better to vent the air (room size 150cube meters, or 4000 cube feet), 6 minutes every hour? or 1 minutes every 10 minutes?
how about the battery life?

ssadmin answers:

1 min every ten min

Nancy asks…

How close are reserves Oil/Gas to being depleted?

I just heard that BP (British Petroleum) pulled out of the USSR, They did not state why, but its most likely because it is no longer a worthy investment. As a big fan of Solar and Wind Power, I wonder how far are we from depleting at least 80% to 100% of our Oil/Gas/Petrol reserves… Centuries? decades? A few years?
Pardon me I meant Russian Federation not USSR

ssadmin answers:

There are still huge amounts of oil and natural gas. As technology allows us to access it, we will have more and more in the future. We have huge amounts of natural gas, and before long you will probably see vehicles and other things being made to use natural gas. It's much cheaper than gasoline, burns almost 100% with very little polution, and can be used for a great number of things.

Sandra asks…

How much energy is produced by two AA batteries (non-rechargable)?

I want to use solar energy to power a hand held electric fan and was wondering if the energy of the sun is near the energy output of the two AA batteries.

ssadmin answers:

Use the link below to get the ampere hour capacity. E.g. The alkaline type might be 2200mAh. Then 3 V x 2.2Ah = 6.6 watt-hours, assuming the current is in the range for this size battery. Convert to joules, multiply by 3600 as joules are equivalent to watt-seconds.

However you probably want power, not energy. The current that can be provided by AA cells comfortably might be 50mA. Thus the power that can be provided is 3V x 0.05A = 0.15W.

The full sun provides about 1000 watts per square meter. A solar cell provides about 0.45V under load, and efficiency may be 10%, so PV cells provides about 100W per square meter. You need 6 or more cells to get 3V, and to deliver 0.15W the area of 6 cells would be something like 0.0015 square meters, or ~40mm square.

Susan asks…

Getting power from a solar panel made easy?

I am going to be putting a solar panel and I need to have it run the power to plug ins so I can plug in some lights and fans. This solar panel isnt anywhere near any electric source or house around. So how can I hook the solar panel up to wires, and then run them down to a battery or inverter or whatever I need, to eventually hook to power 4 or 5 plug ins for the lights and fans? Please show me the easiest way possible and if you can post links to diagrams that would be great.
I need to know how to power plug ins from a solar panel. This is all I need to know! Diagrams please! Thank You!

ssadmin answers:

By saying something like “plug-ins”, it is obvious that you shouldn't be messing with electrical.

Typical Solar Panel System Schematic

If you can't get this, then ask someone before you start a fire.

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Solar Panel

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