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Carol asks…

solar energy, i m totally ignorant in this field and don't know anything about it electronics.?

I am studying management. In Pakistan here are lot power problems going on. No electricity 8 hours daily. i want to use 1 fan, One energy saver bulb and one PC how much electricity all those things need?
Now i want a permanent solution for them and the best alternative is using solar energy.

But i m totally ignorant abt electronics what to use and how to use?
i am searching from last few days but unable to figure out from where should i start.
Please tell me the cheapest way to create some electricity for my appliances.

ssadmin answers:

Yikes, that may be difficult considering you don't know much about electronics.

A very basic system would work something like this:

You find the total wattage of your PC, fan & light bulb. For the sake of simplicity lets assume it's about 500 watts. You then would need to either have a solar panel large enough to sustain 500 watts instantaniously, or you would get a smaller panel and hook it up to a bank of 12V batteries. The batteries would have to have enough storage power to run 500watts for 8 hours. Then you would have to buy an inverter to convert 12V DC to 120v AC.

This will only be cheap if you plan on it being a permanent solution over the course of a couple years. Otherwise it may be more cost affordable to buy a small gasoline style generator and use it as needed.

Mark asks…

Am I crazy? I want to hook up my 2 new solar panels [ aprox. 12″ by 36″] to used car batteries.Will this work?

I have 2 solar panels from Canadian tire, about 12″ by 36″, plus an inverter [rated up to [?] 800 watts [?]. I have access to used automotive batteries. I want to use the solar panels to charge the ‘decent' used batteries, then power things like fans, lights, maybe a pump? I know car batteries are good for quick bursts of power, whereas a deep cycle batteries are good for long slow draws of power. Is there a way to ‘wire' or ‘hook up' the batteries so that I will maximize their usefulness? [ in ‘series' or ‘parallel']. Will the solar panels have less ‘power' to give to the batteries, if I have more batteries? [ Say, 4 batteries vs. 10]. Any suggestions are appreciated!

ssadmin answers:

If you're going to power stuff like fans, lights, etc. You're probably going to want 110. So you will need to:

– hook up the solar panels to provide 110 volts.
– hook up the batteries to provide 110 volts.
– make sure that everything you attach to them can use direct current.

You'll need to determine how much current you'll draw over a day, and make sure that you generate at least that much.
And store that much.

However, what are you going to do when you have no sun, and a week of rain?
Good luck.

Thomas asks…

How hard is it to generate about 10 – 20 watts renewably?

Thanks to a power meter thing for my centrino laptop I know it doesn't go over 35 watts consumption even at full chat… when in economy mode and wordprocessing it's somewhere between 8 and 9.5w… and of course even less when the screen & disc turn off, then it standbys, then hibernates.

So if i could generate this kind of power from solar, prevailing wind, a windup thing, or even just a crank I could gently turn, I could compute for free (internet for free, if i find somewhere to leech wireless from!).

Thing is i have absolutely no idea what this represents. How tired would my legs get on the exercise bike arrangement / feet on the converted 1800s sewing machine treadle? My hands on the wind up crank? How big a solar panel for typical uk use?

If I make clever use of energy saving bulbs and a pumped water storage system i'd only have to add about 50% capacity to be lit the same way 🙂

…saving just a teensy little bit of power to justify my 1kw fan heater on icy days. Brr!

ssadmin answers:

There is a new type of External WIFI Antena at the CCRANE company that runs off a USB PORT EXCELLENT for WIFI super gain…for long distance access…Check it out..
Start up load is usually DOUBLE the wattage for some electrical devices….2 6volt batteries and a 15 watt solar panel should give you an easy 8hours of computing…MOST Modified sine wave inverters DO NOT like the load a charging computer puts on them…especially at start up..its not uncommon to get an ALARM
as the voltage requirements go up..
If it was me a deepcycle 12 volt battery…89.00 a 400watt inverter
36.00 and a 15watt solar panel..150.00 and your on the way to Solar computing..JUST A NOTE on ANY Battery powered system…if you dont use a deep cycle battery…dont go below 50%
DOD depth of discharge it will make the battery last longer.

Laura asks…

will this solar panel power this fan through dc current?

any knowledge would help – i”m very new to this. thanks!

ssadmin answers:

I opened the link to the fan to get the amperage rating, but the relevant info on the solar panel is right there in the URL – 12 volts DC, 5 watts output.

That's a 12v fan, so that's good…and it only needs .12 amp, so it needs less than two watts to run. All of this means your five-watt panel will provide enough power to run not one, but TWO fans like this if you so desire.

In fact, doing a bit of quick math:
5 watts / 12v = .417 amps.
.417 / .12 = 3-1/2 fans.

You could run three fans with it. So if you needed to run only one or two, you'd have plenty of leeway there – it'll keep running it/them when the sun isn't direct, or when the day isn't as bright as it could be.

Charles asks…

Is it smarter to insulate above my garage or just install whole house attic fan?

I got a quote of $411 to add R38 blown in fiberglass 12.75″ thick over my 3-car garage which is uninsulated. Would it make more sense to add a whole house attic fan instead? My thinking is that adding the insulation to the garage will do nothing to keep the entire house cool, whereas the fan will help not only keep the garage cooler, but also the whole house. I have a quote of $580 for the attic fan. So for $169 more, I could have the fan installed and just skip the insulation. Plus the local energy company rebates $50 for an attic fan… up to $125 if it's solar powered. If you have experience with this type of thing, I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.
P.S. I live in the desert where summer temps reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit sometimes. The winter is in the 70s, so keeping heat in is not an issue… it's trying to keep the heat OUT during the summer. Also, the rest of the house is already insulated to R38. Local energy companies don't give rebates to add insulation to non-living spaces such as a garage.

ssadmin answers:

— the attic fan will not do much good if you turn on the cool A/C — probably best to put roof vents and whirleybirds to take the heat/hot air out of your attic ————

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