Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Joseph asks…

John was eco-friendly and had a solar powered fan. The solar panels were white. Good or bad and why?

Sorry, science homework :] x

ssadmin answers:

It would be better if the solar panels were black. They would absorb more heat and light than white ones.

Good for John though, doing his bit for the environment.

Robert asks…

Auto Cool Solar Powered Car Fan??

has any one heared of the Auto Cool Solar Powered Car Fan

and if so does it really work?????????

ssadmin answers:

I've used it. Doesn't really push enough air to make a difference. If you're going to be parked somewhere for less than ~2hrs, using a reflective windshield screen will help with car temps.

Lisa asks…

“Auto Cool Solar Powered Car Fan” Question for dogs?
Does anyone have any experience with this product?
If so, does it actually keep the car cooler than if you were to have the windows open?

I am asking this as I road trip frequently with my dogs, and there will be times where I may need to go into a store for 10-15 minutes. Not too long, but I would like to make sure that they are comfortable in the car.
I was thinking of buying 2 of these and then stringing a bunch of cool-packs together and keeping them in a cooler until I lay them out on the seat when I go inside.

ssadmin answers:

Out of 76 reviews on, 59 only gave it one star! Http://

Even one of those who gave it four stars, mentions that for it to work properly, your car needs to have a sunshield installed in the windshield!

I have a puppy buyer who have installed really high quality sunshields in all their car windows, except the windshield as I recall it, and with the boot door open, if they go somewhere for a visit, they can easily leave their dogs in the car for hours and I know first hand, that their car truly stays less hot than the surrounding temperature.

So my advice is that you first install good sunshields in at least all the back windows and see how much you think that helps, before you bother with buying something like this.

Donald asks…

Are solar powered ceiling fans available?

I am looking to put a solar powered ceiling fan in a summer cottage. Is it possible to just buy a specific fan that comes with a kit or do I need to hook it up to a panel? Any information would be helpful thanks!
Thanks to people for suggestions of where to buy fans that run on solar power, now what sort of panal would you need to get to run a fan like this?

ssadmin answers:

Yes they do

Linda asks…

where can i find a 3 inch solar powered boat fan?

ssadmin answers:

If you mean vent fan, you can find it here:

In the West Marine Catalog. I'm sure you can buy it at other marine stores as well.

I installed one on a previous boat. It markedly cut down on mildew and mold when I had the boat in storage.

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