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Richard asks…

using 2 x 12v 4 watt solar panels in series?

hi can you use 2 x 12v 4 watt solar panels connected in series to power 2 x 120mm 12V DC Ball Bearing Fans as i got a small 2 by 3 mtr shed and i want to keep it cool during summer as in the side of my shed i have a aluminium vent with 2 x 120mm thin 12v dc ball bearing fans bolted to it and i have the two solar panels connected to the fans and the panels on my shed roof will this work ok? here is the specs of the fans and the solar panels

IP55 Rated 120mm 12V DC Ball Bearing Fan

IP 55 rating on a fan which is extremely important, particularly when the fan is located in an environment where dust, fine dirt particles, soot etc can quickly clog up a standard fan and bring it to failure early in life.

Air volume: 3 cubic m/min
Noise: 45dB(A)
Input: 7 watts
Size: 120 x 120 x 25mm
Impeller: Plastic, fibreglass filled
Housing: Plastic, fibreglass filled
Bearing system: Ball
Speed: 3,000 RPM
Current: 60mA
Voltage: 12 VDC
Flylead connection

4 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panels – Amorphous

* Size: 315 x 315mm
* Voltage: 13 – 18V
* Current: 200 – 280mA
* Power- watts peak: 2.5 – 5W
* Temp range: – 50°C to +70°C
* Depends on light intensity.
* 1 Year Warranty

the reason i want to do it this way as it will be energy efficent

ssadmin answers:

You want them in parallel, not series.

Series (connecting the plus from panel 1 to the minus of panel 2) will increase the voltage to 24V.

Parallel (connecting plus from panels 1 & 2, and minus from panels 1 & 2) will increase the current, and keep it at 12V.

Two 4W panels will output 8W under Standard Test Conditions. This is not usually the same as real world conditions, so actual results may vary.

Also note that the current output of the panels is up to .28A (280mA), so two of them in parallel would be .56A (560mA). The fan requires .6A. There's a chance that the fan may spin at a lower amperage, but just slower, so in theory it may work. Ideally, you should get a slightly larger panel.

(If you are interested in why the current is low, note that the panel voltage is up to 18V. 18V x .22A = 4W.)

Nancy asks…

Where can I buy clip-on cooling fans for my cap/hat when I am in Orlando/Miami this Summer?

I believe they are called ‘cooling hat fans', ‘solar fans' etc. If you know of any that clip onto caps or a hat which are battery powered, I would like to know about these too.

How much do they cost?

I have noticed some for ‘Disneyworld', but I am not interest in Disney brand products.


ssadmin answers:

Just go in any tourist store. And believe me there are many.

They shouldn't cost more than 15 dollars

Jenny asks…

battery.. invertor for a fan…. need help..?

Hi, I want to power a table fan (50 watts) using a battery. In India the input power to appliances (fan in this case) is 220 volts / 50 Hz. so can i power the fan with TWO 6 volts 4.5 AH sealed lead acid battery??

(im planing to charge the battery using solar panel but thats another question)
@rick… thank you. Can u please tell me how to do the power calculations? i want my fan to run for abt 4 hours. how many batteries do i need?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, but you need an inverter. You only have enough energy available to power the fan for about 1/2 hour, if the inverter is 100% efficient, and it won't be.

Thomas asks…

Interested to join a Viyors Power Project Co. ?

wind+solar, Nano Power Plant for home/farm house/hospital/agricuture, water pumps, solar fridge, solar AC, solar TV , solar fan, solar oven any many solar home appliance, pl. contact to,

ssadmin answers:

Yes i am intreasted thanks for ur email

George asks…

Solar panels or wind turbine for a fruit stand?

I have a fruit stand, and i would like to have power there for an air conditioner, some lighting, a couple fans, a stereo and small fridge. I really dont know where to start looking for what i need. i do know it would be off grid. so can someone please educate me on what i need.

ssadmin answers:

The first thing that you have to do is to figure out how much electricity that you will need for each of these items that you want to run.
And since you will be working off the grid, there probably won't be any rebates.
Also the swamp cooler instead of an AC unit is a good idea for several reasons..
Being off the grid, will mean needing batteries, but they should last more than a couple of years, and since solar panels, and wind turbines are both DC current, you will need a power inverter large enough to handle the wattage.

I will try to give you as many links as I can.


This is not mine and i cannot recommend it, but it might interest you.

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