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Maria asks…

What Alternative Energy Source do you think is the best?

With all the talk about global warming and 4 dollar gasoline, what do you think will be the new energy source that we use. May it be Solar, Hydro, Wind, Electric, Ethanol, or even Nuclear power.
Solar Power: I think Solar Power, is an intresting idea, I mean the sun isn't going anywhere for a while and once you have installed solar panels, you basically get free energy. However, I like in California where it is mostly sunny year-round, I am not 100% sure how Solar Powering works, but I am guessing in places like Washington and Oregon, where it rains a lot, that it won't work as well as…
Hydro Power: Heh… I have actually never been quite the fan of Hydro Power, I mean it worked well 300 years ago, but it just seems old fashioned… I know we have dams and such, but you know there is always the problem, of if the Dam will break causing massive flooding (I can't tell you the exact numbers, but I know that at least more than 50% of Dams are not up to regulation) and besides, in our society that covets water and despises the waste of it, I just personally think water is for drinking… Although…. my teacher once told me about steam powered cars in the 1920's that went up to like 90 mph, which sounds kinda cool.
Wind:………. I know almost zero about wind energy, but if there is no wind, I am guessing no energy? It would work in places that are windy, but places that weren't… And Im not even sure what the ratio of power is, how much wind you need to get so much power….
Ethanol. Corn Fuel…. When I went to summer camp years ago, one of the camp leaders drove a truck powered on soy bean oil which I thought was pretty neat. I would take Ethanol no doubt, except that you would need a whole bunch of corn to fuel just america…. And Im not sure if it is even possible to create enough to fuel us, every single day…. And even if there was, what would we do during the winter when there is barley any crop?
Nuclear: Why did I put this? Well Nuclear, as far as I know, is the most powerful energy source, and is renewable. *Sarcastically* So whats the problem? Obviously it is too dangerous to use nuclear power in a car or other smaller mechanical units, but if there was same way to make sure that we could use nuclear power safely, that would be nice….
Electric: Saving the best (I think) for last. I think Electricity is the most practical solution, I mean we already use it for almost everything else, and theres no problem of losing it (Except during power outages). Electricity is powerful, clean, practically infinite… I really think Electricity is the way to go.

Well, what do you think? What alternative enery source do you think will be best? Maybe you think more than 1, infact maybe all of them working in harmony to balance eachother will work. Maybe you want to keep gasoline, and keep digging for it. There is one final option that I have not heard lots, if any people talking about… A new power source, maybe the answer isn't here yet, maybe we need to invent a power source that is clean, and yet powerful, maybe something from space or inside the earth itself, or right under our noses…. So, what do you think?

ssadmin answers:

I think that the best energy source differs depending on where you are. It's been said already that using solar energy in sunny places like California would work, but maybe not in other places.

I do not think nuclear energy is the answer. To me it seems very dangerous and something that should not even be considered as an option.

I think that just about every building in Australia (which is where I live) should have a solar panel and use solar energy for electricity and water heating. Some places in Victoria and Tasmania may not find that at all useful, but for the rest of Australia there is a lot of sunshine that isn't being taken advantage of.

Other energy options include: kinetic, wave, geothermal, biomass and tidal.

Kinetic energy is the energy of something that moves. At the Science Centre we used to have in Adelaide, there was a bike you could get on, and as you pedalled it would tell you what you could power with that much energy. I think that this could be used so much – for example, it could be used in cars to make a car create it's own electricity to move.

Wave energy is apparently one of the most difficult ones to turn into something useful. It's done by the air pressure above the waves as they go up and down. The air pressure moves the turbines, which create energy. Provided it didn't have a negative effect on the ocean environment, I think this would be a great resource to use.

Geothermal energy can be used for heating or to turn turbines and therefore create electrical energy. It's done by pumping cold water down into the earth, and the heat in the earth forces hot water up.

I don't really know much about biomass energy, except that it uses fermentation.

Tidal energy is generate pretty much the same way as hydroelectric.

I think we need to find ways of working with nature to create electricity. Exploiting unrenewable resources (coal, uranium, etc) does not help us in the long run. And in some cases could cause massive catastrophe if one tiny thing went wrong. Hydroelectricity forces nature to do what we want, and is also bad in the long run – dams don't last forever.

I think the other thing we need is some kind of battery that will store enough energy from sources like solar and wind for when there isn't any.

Ken asks…

what was lieutenant commander data's power supply?

i have always been a big fan of star trek the next generation. anyways i was watching some episodes today and i was wondering what does data run on? dilithium crystal matrix, solar power?

i have checked around and i just have not found any references to his power supply just curious if anyone had an answer.

ssadmin answers:

Wow i cant figure it out either there is alot of information and specifics about him here but i am not seeing the power source

Ruth asks…

i am going to have a baby in January… i may be visiting my in laws in may…?

its the hottest place (adilabad)….i don't want to trouble my little one…..we have 4 to 5 times power cut…where can i get solar powered or battery operated fans and lights in Hyderabad….or any website…please help me(only Indians please)

ssadmin answers:

Wish u all the best for ur baby, we should see

Sandy asks…

What type of battery and solar cells should I use for a solar panel system?

I was thinking of making a small solar panel system. One that could charge AA batteries, iPod, Laptops, maybe power a small fan, not all at once though. I was thinking of having the panel charge the battery, and have the battery attached to something that would convert it to 115 volts AC current. From that I could charge the stuff. My question is what type of cells should I buy, how I should assemble the panel, what type of battery do I need, what can convert battery DC current to 115 volts AC current.

ssadmin answers:

A good place to look for a very small system like that is Boat supplies. I bought a small flexible one years ago from West Marine to keep my boat battery charged. Just use a cheap car battery for storage because there are many small 12V to 110V converters available at places like Wal mart, radio shack, etc. I keep one in my car all the time that plugs into the cigarette lighter like socket. I use it when camping or on the road to charge computer, phones, etc.

Carol asks…

Which Republican Candidate Supports Renewable Energy the Most?


I'm a fan of renewable energy and protecting the environment by use of solar, wind, and hydro power. Which republican candidate that is still in the running supports this idea the most?


ssadmin answers:

None of the GOP candidates support renewable energy as a priority. They all agree we need to locate and drill new gas and oil reserves, even if it means destroying protected areas and poisoning our groundwater and air. Renewable energy is a secondary concern that needs to be researched in the event we run out of nuclear power, gas and oil.

Only our sitting President realizes that sacrifices will have to be made for the good of all and that included mainlining Renewable Energy programs and research.

Youngsters, meaning those who answered this question.

1. There are many types of renewable energy. Solar Power is only one type. Yes China can produce things cheaper than we can and their workers are available 24/7, but renewable energy is easier to produce where it is used. The GOP, including the current Candidates are in bed with the Oil and Gas Companies. Who do think is support their Pacs?

To the other answerers:
1. There are many types of renewable energy. Solar Power is only one type. Yes China can produce things cheaper than we can and there workers are available 24/, but renewable energy is easier and cheaper to produce and supply where it is used.

2. Building the sources and selling renewable energy will create more permanent jobs. The GOP is in bed with the Oil & Gas Companies companies.

3. No matter who is elected as President, you will be free to used any type of energy that is available in your area or that you can supply or build yourself. We live in a democracy.

2. Building the sources and selling renewable energy will create more permanent jobs. The GOP is in bed with the Oil & Gas Companies companies.3

3. No matter who is elected as President, you will be free to use any type of energy that is available in your area or that you can supply or build yourself. We live in a democracy.

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