Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Laura asks…

What are different solar capturing devices? How do they work? What are good kid sorces on this topic? 10 point?

OK! I have a science progect that is due tomarow…. so…..

I need different types of solar collecters, how they work, and what are they made of.

If you can work on

Flat plate
Thermal plate
solar pannel
parabolic though
solar dish
and power tower

and JUST give me a general idea of what to do and I will become your fan and give you the 10 points.

Does anybody have good kid sorces for this topic it would help alot…


ssadmin answers:

Check with StarCom Solar and their blog Lots of great products and information on Solar Powered Safety Signs. I think Solar powered construction signs are very important are a much better option in comparisson to regular signs.

Linda asks…

I want to power my low energy room with solar panels that i can make myself to get this room off the grid?

Hi guys, i need some help, i got a small room that i wanna power up by solar panel that i can make, i want to see if i can do it

in my room:
two laptop: requires DC 19.5V which uses a charger AC 19.5
two wired mouses: 5V 100mA
clock: DC 4.5V
fan: 120V 60Hz 0.8amps AC only
home telephone: DC 9V 400mA
light bulb: HELICAL 26W 120VAC 60Hz 390mA

can i make a affordable solar panel to keep my little room off grid??
thank you guys please show me anything links, answers, criticize me any info

ssadmin answers:

This looks like about 300W of loads, similar to a small cabin. I'm going to assume the fan runs pretty much all day long, and the laptops, maybe 4 hours, and the light, 8 hours. We end up with about a 3-4 kWh / day requirement. That's an 800W array in a place like southern California, Nevada, or Arizona, considering losses including battery charging and inverter. $4-5k, assuming you do the work yourself. And it's a pain to maintain batteries.

It's hard to make a system this size pay for itself, if grid power is already available. But it could be a cool thing to do.

Robert asks…

how to go from 20 vdc to 12 vdc?

i have solar power and need to add a fan and i have a 12 vdc fan but my solar is putting out 20 vdc what should i do

ssadmin answers:

If it were me I might just go to Radio Shack or where ever and buy a 12 V voltage regulator (probably the 7812). This would give you a steady 12 V output voltage and you won't have to worry very much about loading effects. The price would be maybe 1-2 dollars.

If you're in a hurry and don't have a regulator, then you can always make a voltage divider out of resistors. You could use an 8.2 k-ohm resistor and a 12 k-ohm resistor in series, then the output voltage for the fan would be taken across the 12 k-ohm resistor. Actually, a 13 k-ohm resistor might be better if you want to account for loading effects (i.e., once the fan is placed across the resistor, the voltage will drop a bit). If the voltage drops too much you may notice a drop in your fan speed.

Also, since you are using solar power, efficiency may be a concern for you. If this is the case you might want to avoid the two methods above, particularly the second. A DC to DC converter will allow you to save more energy in the overall energy conversion process, making better use of the precious little power you're able to derive from your solar cells. You could make one yourself or purchase one for around $10 to $20.

Steven asks…

How to wire wind turbine and solar panel to motor?

For a project, I'm using a 12 volt DC motor as a generator for a windmill, and also using a solar panel. The point is to get them to power a motor, since the windmill only generates about 2 volts (using a fan), and the solar will do the rest. I tried to wire them in series but when the panel was in the sun it ended up turning both the motor and the windmill, so I could not use the windmill to generate power since it was already spinning. Is this possible to do? Also, is it possible to wire more than one of these wind turbines in series to power the motor, or can dc motors not be wired together as generators? Thanks for your help.

ssadmin answers:

Wire them both into a battery to cushion the power flow.

Carol asks…

Heat sink fan project?

hie guys i want to create a homemade air conditioner and i am going to buy two 12v 14cm fans on ebay that both produce 50cfm @ 1000rpm each. i have an 18 volt solar panel to power them up. will they produce enough cool air? for a room 4m x5m?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, they will cool it down rather fast. But, remember you want to save power so you will need a thermostat and wire it in so they will shut off and start up when needed.

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