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Sharon asks…

I plan on dry camping in my RV and I need a lot of power, please help!?

I have a 5,500 watt generator but its too loud for most applications. Solar power is too much for me to set up right now. I need a modern way to produce a lot of power and store it as well. My main concern is having a cat and it being hot. So I need to power a box fan and a laptop, whats my best option. Maybe an air conditioning idea? My air conditioner can only be ran when plugged in.

ANY TIPS/ADVICE helps a lot, thanks!!

ssadmin answers:

Your best way would gust hook up the solar power.

Joseph asks…

How to deal with hot humid weather with no electricity?

I am planning to go to Pakistan for a week or so. In Pakistan there is shortage of electricity and every alternate hour there is load shedding meaning electricity is available only 12 hours in 24 hours. What can I take with me ( solar Panel or some rechargeable battery) which can at least keep one fan running when there is no power. thanks a lot.

ssadmin answers:

Bring some chocolate along for when you get bored.

Mary asks…

Can a jump starter power a fan while camping?

I would also like to hear suggestions for other ways to stay cool while camping if you have one.

I will be camping without electricity for 7 days and would love a fan.
Can I power a basic standing house fan with a jump starter? If so, how log will it run? Can I recharge it with my car battery?
Please help!

*I have purchased battery powered and solar powered fans before. They don't do much.
I didn't want to bore you with the details, but I've camped a million times before. I will be in the middle of the desert, which I've been to before. There is NO POWER unless I bring a generator. The desert may be cool at night, but it is scorching hot during the day.

ssadmin answers:

Many jump starters do have AC inverters built-in that can be used to power small electric devices. Whether and how long it would run a fan depends on the power capacity of the jump starter and power requirements of the fan. The problem is the battery capacity on these units would only be good for 1/2 to 1 full day of fan use, then they require 10 to 20 hours to recharge. Charging from your car's battery would eventually run the car battery low enough so you couldn't start the engine, so make sure to recharge the car battery by running the engine for at least an hour.

There are some other options:

1. Get better battery-operated fans. There are 10″ 12V/DC fans designed for use in campers and the sleeper of long-haul truck drivers that make a good breeze and run directly from the 12V DC accessory outlet in your vehicle. Some can even run off eight D-cell batteries.

2. Get an AC inverter to convert your vehicle or camper's 12V supply into 120V/AC, then plug-in a regular household fan.

I use two folding 10″, 12V fans in my pop-up camper. They were under $20 each at Walmart and do a great job of cooling us down to sleep in hot weather. So far I've used them 2 nights at low speed off the original set of D-cells (about 8 hours/night).

How long you run the fan will determine how often you need to recharge your vehicle or camper battery. You need to make sure the available battery power doesn't drop so low that you can't start the vehicle or damage the battery.

John asks…

Can solar power charge a car battery?

I am looking to run a small fan for maybe up to 9 hrs while camping without electricity using an inverter hooked up to the car. Can a solar charger or maintainer keep my car battery strong? If so would I need anything besides the solar charger?

ssadmin answers:

Yes it would charge the battery but you have to considered how many watts the solar panel would be able to gather eg a 200 watts vs a 20 watts. It would take some time to charge at a lessor wattage. And you shouldn't need anything else per say.

For 1 battery that might be acceptable but the inverter is going to have loss too so that's another consideration (inverters waste more energy in the conversion step so if you plug in something that draws 200 watts it will actually draw more watts than the device uses but not too much more). It's a good idea to just start the car every now and then like say every 30 minutes – 1hr but if your draw is too high it might go dead. A small fan overnight will drain the battery pretty good but you might be ok. If I were you I dould bring an extra battery to be safe.

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Betty asks…

i want to make a dc motor which should run on 10v.?

pls give me serious answers,we all use motors in our daily life(trimmer,grinder,ac),now my question is that can i make a small table fan(just for one person) which gives sufficient torque to push air towards us that runs on just 10v? If so then how many windings should i wind and the thickness of insulated copper wire that i need?
that 10v dc power is from the solar panels that have over roof of my house.In one word i want to make a solar powered fan,thanks in advance.

ssadmin answers:

If you have an old cd player or changer you can get the little dc motors out of that. Put some wings on it to make a fan. They will run on 3 -12 V. I;m not sure what theyre souppposed to run on though.

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