Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

John asks…

can you turn off a solar powered hat?

can you turn off a solar powered fan hat?

ssadmin answers:

If their is a switch, yes. If not you can cut the hat gently to get to the wires, and put a switch on one wire, so you can turn it on and off.

Robert asks…

how can i power a computer fan via solar power for my science project?

Basicaly for science i need to power a computer fan via solar power.. how exactly do i do this?

ssadmin answers:

First, pick out a computer fan. They should be marked with the type of voltage they require (such as 120 volts AC, or 12 volts DC), and the maximum amount of current they can draw at full speed (like 100 milliAmps). A fan running with less current, will still run, but will simply spin more slowly.

Try to find a fan that runs on DC voltage and current, as this should simplify your design. Many fans require AC.

Small solar cells typically produce DC voltage and current, which is why your design will be easier if you find a small fan that runs on DC. You may have to connect several solar cells in series to generate enough voltage (for example, if your fan needs 12 volts DC, and your solar cells put out only 6 volts DC, you would have to connect two of them end to end to make a total of 12 volts). You may have to connect several of the solar cells in parallel to generate enough current to make the fan move. It all depends on what voltage and current the fan requires, and how much oomph your solar cells can produce.

If you can only find fans that run on AC current, you will have to add an additional device called an alternator that converts DC current from the solar cells into AC current. Another possiblity is to find solar cells that have an AC output built in.
Good luck, and have fun!

William asks…

Are there such things as solar powered desk top fans, if so has anyone used one and are they any good?

If we are in for a hot summer in the UK, I want to be prepared. I have an electric fan, but that is not much use in a power cut.
I've looked for a battery operated one for emergencies, but as the batteries are not likely to last long I wondered if there are solar powered ones and are they any good.

ssadmin answers:

I've seen a Solar Powered Perspex Desk Fan sold as a self assembly kit for children interested in science and gadgets but good enough for adults to have on their desks 🙂 It's priced at around £30.

Laura asks…

how does a solar powered ceiling fan work?

lets say i buy a 15 watt solar panel with a 7-amp charge controller. I'm gonna get a ceiling fan that is 12v or 24v, it can run on both. it is on DC though. how does this all work? does the solar panel store amps and then i can run it for a while? i need a good explanation.
i'm not even sure how many volts it is…it says its a 15 watt solar panel. i live in california so i get tons of sun…and maybe the fan might run 4 hours top on a day but avg is probably 1 to 2 hours a day.

ssadmin answers:

What is the voltage of the panel? In any case, 15 watts is pretty small for this. The 7 amp charge controller is pretty powerful on the other hand.

Missing is the panel voltage, the battery voltage, and the current drawn by the fan. Also how many hours a day do you expect to operate the fan. Finally, where are you located and how many hours of direct sun can you expect per day.

I'd get a 12 volt battery, size depends on the above missing info. And a 15 volt panel, again size depends on the above info.

Email me when you have the data.


Donald asks…

For a few years now, I've seen advertisements for this solar powered auto fan device?

It attaches to the top of your window, and Supposedly is gonna keep your car in a cooler state for your return? Do these really work? at all? or to what degree?… I'll include a link below:

ssadmin answers:

I'm guessing a one inch crack in your window traveling at 20mph introduces more air into the car.

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