Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Sandy asks…

Is 600$ labor a fair price to install 3 solar powered roof fans on a cape code style home with a steep roof.?

bout this house in the winter and ready to move by the summer, the 2nd floor is unbearable due to the heat. After moving in I notice the house didn't have any ventilation in the roof. Had roofer come out today and he quoted 600$ if I bout the fans.

ssadmin answers:

Bout = a brief fight or conflict
bought = past tense of buy

$600 sounds a little steep to me, but then again you say the roof is steep too. That makes the job more difficult, more dangerous. Considering he has to carry insurance and see that the job is done safely, not to mention be sure it's done well enough he doesn't get a call someday saying there's rain coming in around the fans, $600 might not be too bad.

Read up on the fans. How confident do you feel doing the job yourself? Is $600 too much to assuage your doubts as to whether you can start, finish and be certain the job is done correctly? If it's too much, it's too much – but then you're on the hook for doing it.

Paul asks…

How are space probes powered when there is no oxygen in space?

I mean rocket fuel shouldnt combust and im guessing they cant use solar powered fans at all. I'd like to know where I can read more about how space probes are propelled.


ssadmin answers:

They carry their own fuel system and the rest is simple Newtonian physics.

Welcome to rocket science 101 –

Sandra asks…

cost of the solar cells to rum a ceiling fan?

i want to run my rooms ceiling fan using solar power , what are things i have to install , and what will be the cost of each thing

ssadmin answers:

That would be like buying a Hummer to pull a child's wagon. Ceiling fans are pretty cheap to run compaired to a lot of electrical appliances in the home.

Daniel asks…

I took out a solar power strip from my calculator, how do i use it for a mini fan?

I took out a solar power strip from my calculator, how do i use it for a mini fan? its just the strip alone, do i just stick wire onto it and plug it to my HOMEMADE fan?

ssadmin answers:

Previous answer is correct, you probably won't have enough power to run the fan. Make sure you know what the polarity of the strip is, hook it up to a supercap in parallel, that is plus to plus, then use a switch to connect the supercap to the fan. That'll let you save up an hour's charge from the pv strip to run the fan for probably several minutes if the fan's small enough. The supercap has to be rated for the open-circuit voltage of the pv strip. There may be one in the dead calculator. You can use the pv strip as a battery charger, too, but you need to pay more attention to voltages ratings and the possibility of overcharge/self-discharge.

Charles asks…

Where do i find solar power strips? thaat can be enough for a motorized fan?

Where do i find solar power strips? thaat can be enough for a motorized fan.
Do they Currently selll any? at radioshack and such?

ssadmin answers:

Radio Shack used to sell a solar power kit that included a solar panel the size of a credit card complete with a small motor and fan.

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