Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

James asks…

how to connect a solar power walkway light to a 12 v. computer fan to just run slowly while the sun is out.?

can I leave the walkway light as is and wire it to the computer fan. I don't need alot of breeze.

ssadmin answers:

Not enough current to even turn a fan.

Paul asks…

Are there such things as solar powered desk top fans?

ssadmin answers:

I've built one.

Helen asks…

How many solar cells to power a computer fan?

ssadmin answers:

A typical computer fan, say 8cm diameter, uses only 150mA at 12Volt DC. So that amounts to only 1.8 Watt. A 12V 5 W solar panel should do nicely, even in indirect sunshine.
But what do you do when it's dark?
So you also need a battery to harness the charge during daylight, and consider the Ah (Ampere x hours) you need.

Mandy asks…

Greenhouse question:can it be solar powered?

can the inside of a greenhouse be solar powered? as in can the light bulbs, fans, water etc inside the greenhouse be solared powered?

ssadmin answers:

Anything can be solar powered given enough money. It's expensive.

Sharon asks…

What size of solar panel would I need to power a small fan that took two AA batteries?

ssadmin answers:

Go here, it has something you can use…


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