Your Questions About Solar Powered Fan

Ruth asks…

Which solar panels can be used to power a regular box fan that normally plugs into a standard electric outlet?

Can you run the fan with just the inverter without the battery?

If you do need to use the battery, how does this work? Does the battery make up for the extra power needed that a 12 V solar panel cannot generate to power a standard appliance like a fan?

ssadmin answers:


The fan needs 110V AC (or 220V some places)
The solar panel makes DC, probably 12V.
You need an inverter and probably a storage battery. You'd do better to get a low-voltage more efficient fan.

Steven asks…

Is it possible to use solar panels to light up houses?

I was wondering if it is possible to convert all the internal lightings and fan systems in a household to solar power. That way only heavy duty stuff like air conditioners and motors will be powered by the grid? What are the drawbacks of this system?

ssadmin answers:

Yeah it's possible…the problem is, u will need a very large panel and rechargeable batteries

George asks…

what kind of equipment or accessories to produce solar power that i can use in my home?

what im really looking for is a list of items so i can power something in my house but also understand how it works. if you want to shoot for something to power, I have a fan in my room. what do i need to power the fan with the lights on in the summer? 3 bulbs at 40 watts and the fan on.
what about during the night(?), do you need a battery?

ssadmin answers:

Best idea is to charge as many batteries you may need to power your items. You can run some with the use of direct sun over the solar modules, but only in peak time you will have it fully working. 3/40w bulbs plus a fan, you need 200 watts of solar modules… With an 80w module you can charge batteries and have enough.

Lisa asks…

Is there a small solar panel available that would provide enough power to run a small space heater or fan?

I live in a townhouse and the association doesn't allow roof top solar panels or anything that is visible from the street.

ssadmin answers:

I found one here that can deliver 1.25 amps at 120V. This may just run a small fan, but you would need 10 of them to run a small space heater. I guess it would be your call……… Hope this helps.

Helen asks…

How to get City to put in Solar Powered Street Lights? ?

I live in Chandler, Arizona and recently the city put in radar guns on main roads. I noticed that each tower that records and repeats how fast you are going uses a solar panel at the top. I am a huge fan of being green! When I first saw these, I was jumping in my car!
From pictures on the internet I have seen street light poles also powered by solar panels. How can I ask Chandler to do this too? If I were to write a letter requesting them do you think it would follow through? Thanks- 10 points for best answer!

ssadmin answers:

Radar guns need a 10 watt solar panel with a couple of D size batteries. A street light need a 100 watt panel and a 100 amp -hr battery. The radar system costs $100 and returns $1000 per week. A solar light costs $2000 and saves $50 per year. So invest $2,000,000 to save $50,000, a year is not worth it.

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