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Lizzie asks…

Want to use a solar powered fan to cool greenhouse durring summer?

The Green house is a springhouse so there are no heavy supports. There are two doors with mesh openings but heat still collects on the celling. I would love to hook up a solar powered fan system to create a breeze. I dont understand how to do it. I think there ma be a way to buy a solar panel with a battery charger and a couple of fans but not sure. Any help appreciated. thank you.

ssadmin answers:

The easiest way is to just buy a DC fan and a solar panel. When the sun's out, the fan's on. Here's a solar powered gable fan that has both the fan and the panel. You can also get the switch that automatically turns it on when it reaches 80 and off when it cools to 70. Http://
If that's too big, maybe a small floor fan like this, and a small solar panel like

Jenny asks…

how do you make a solar powered fan?

instructions and materials for making a solar powered fan.

ssadmin answers:

You first need some basic specification information:

1. What size of fan (power) do you want? 50W would be quite big!

2. Do you want to run the fan when there is no sunlight – e.g during the evening?

3. How much time do you want to run the fan in the day and how many hours of sunshine do you expect

If yes to 2, then buy a solar cell, battery, two switches and fan. The cell should be for a slightly higher voltage than the battery (supplier will advise you on battery charging) and battery and fan should be of the same nominal voltage. A car battery (12v) would probably be best (cheapest) if not the smallest. Use your answer to 3 to decide on cell and battery sizes (watts and amp-hours respectively). The amp battery drain for 50 W will be 4A so a 40 amp-hour battery will give you 10h running time without charging

!f no to 2 then you can miss out the battery. The cell and fan should then be of the same nominal (full load) voltage.

Susan asks…

What is the Solar Powered fan that you put on your car window to keep it ventilated? I saw it on TV?

I saw it on a commercial. It's made to keep the interior of your car cool by ventilating it with a tiny fan thats solar powered, have you heard of this? whats it called?

ssadmin answers:

It's called the Auto Cool Solar Powered Car Fan. From what I read, it doesn't work very well, though.

Sharon asks…

solar or battery powered fan for desk cubicle?

I am looking for a small solar or battery powered fan to put on my desk at work. We are not allowed to plug anything in. If someone has a homemade solution – please spell it out how this is done, step by step.

ssadmin answers:

I have a 12 volt solar battery charger and use it to charge a 12 volt battery and then run my fan and radio from the 12 volt battery. Car radio and car fan. Light also

Steven asks…

Is there solar electrical powered fan or such home aid equipments in India.?

What will be the effect on cost, other than green energy and efficiency.Is there any subsidy from Government for solar products such as solar lamps, fan etc

ssadmin answers:

Subsidy is avalable on solar energy, its depend on products and projects, for that pl. Find indian renewable energy development agency,new delhi, or your local state govt. Energy development agency, subsidy is from 30% to 75% available, The Trusted Co. In your country is Viyors Energy ( click there download page link. They are verywell expertness in solar products. Viyors Energy has done many projects in this field.

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