Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Jenny asks…

my home has no electricity,which is best alternative,solar,wind power or generator?

ssadmin answers:

I have same problem my house we have ellectric but it not always come when we want it.
If ellectric gone we use wax candle for light or gas lamp and wood for fire if cold.
Sometime i sleep with goat to keep warm and keep company, so maybe you should get goat.
Genorator good we have one on tractor wich we use somtime for ellectric but its noisy with tv.

John asks…

How do I do a science fair on solar energy with a thermoelectric generator? How would I ask the question?

For example, if I wanted to see how much waste energy from a house can be turned into usable electricity with a thermoelectric generator, how would I do that?

Or any more ideas?
And how would I word that into a question? “How much electricity can a thermoelectric generator power from waste heat from a house?” or something? PLEASE ASAP

ssadmin answers:

The first question would be “How does the temperature of a thermoelectric device effect the electrical output?” You can measure the temperature fairly easily while measuring the intensity of sunlight is more difficult.
The most likely question about waste heat would be one of these two: “Can electricity be produced from the low level of waste heat from a house heating system?” “Is it cost effective to install thermoelectric generators in the heating system of a house?”

William asks…

How can I find an eletrician experienced in solar panel system and trailer ?

I have one tailler that has powered by generator and solar panel but for some reason the batteries are not holding electricity. I even bought a brand new battery and it was dead days after. I don't know what is wrong

ssadmin answers:

I think that problem is in your battery, have you tried to change it or install it again. I wonder that solar panel usually charge the dynamo and store the electricity in it.

Robert asks…

I have a 110 volt refrigerator that I would like to power with a solar panel or wind generator.?

It is a full-size model made in 1995. I can not find the watts usage but it is 60 hz and 6.5 amps at full load. I need to know what size inverter, how many deep cell batteries, and how much 12 volt power I would need to put back into the batteries to keep them charged. Thank y'all.

ssadmin answers:

Buy yourself a Kill A Watt meter or other home energy monitor and measure the fridge consumption for a full three days to get an average per day. That plus the number of hours of decent sunlight would tell you how many solar panels you might need.

When I priced solar panels two years ago we were going to pay about $10,000 for a 1kwh system that would, if everything went according to plan, produce about 3.5 kwh a day. A good standard energy efficient fridge uses about 1.5 kwh a day, one from 1995 somewhat more as they are much more efficient these days. On the other hand, if you buy a Sun Frost refrigerator, which is specifically designed for solar electric powered homes, you will spend considerably more on the fridge than on your 1995 model (which you don't have to spend a cent on because you own it) but you will save big time on solar panels because the Sun Frost is so energy efficient.

Michael asks…

Would I still need to keep my electric company if I buy a solar powered generator?

would I still be able to get free electric even if it's cloudy or at night?
I have a 1 story house and I'm the only one in it. What type of solar generator should I get and how much would it cost?
the reason why I want the solar power generator is for hyperinflation. The electric bill will either sky rocket or be shut off

ssadmin answers:

No. You're unlikely to generate all of your power needs with solar panels. And if you did, you'd have to have a storage mechanism (many batteries) to store up the power for nighttime/bad weather. Your best bet is to stay on the grid, and feed excess energy back to the grid. In most areas, the power companies are required to buy your overage at a specific rate, so you could sell to them, and let that pay for what you do use. Some folks (those with enough solar generation) are able to actually cancel out their power bill this way, or even end up with a small check from the power company each month.

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